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iOS users tend to spend more money in the App Store than Android users and are rated as “7.4 times more valuable as a user” – GIGAZINE

iOS users tend to spend more money in the App Store than Android users and are rated as “7.4 times more valuable as a user” – GIGAZINE


Compare iOS App Store and Android App Store Google Play,The App Store earns twice as much as Google PlayThis is what our 2018 survey shows, but even then the difference hasn’t diminished at all, and again, a report was released stating that “iOS users are more valuable than Android users given the number of users”. He was.

iPhone users spend seven times more on apps than Android users – 9to5Mac

Customer Value – Asymco
http://www.asymco.com/2023/09/05/the-value-of-a-customer/(internet archive)

“Android has twice as many users as iOS, but the revenue is App Store (iOS) about twice as much as Google Play ( Android)”, and based on that information, I created a rule of thumb that “iPhone users are about four times as valuable as Android users”. Double revenue for half as many users means iPhone users spend four times as much as Android users.

At this point, this was Mr. Didio’s “rule of thumb”, but since then, legal requirements have forced companies to disclose different information, so it is possible to know the situation in 2023 more accurately.

According to the data, the number of App Store users in Europe is 123 million, and the number of Google Play users is 284.6 million. This ratio is close to what Mr. Didio once heard. However, if you distribute it all over the world, the App Store will have 650 million people, and the Google Play Store will have 2.5 billion people, “the number of Android users is four times the number of iOS users.”

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In contrast, App Store revenue is $29 billion (about 4.28 trillion yen) in 2016, Google Play $15 billion (about 2.21 trillion yen), and $81 billion (about 11.94 trillion yen) in 2022). Play is valued at $42 billion (about 6.19 trillion yen), and in terms of ratio, both are “1.93 times the App Store than Google Play Store.”

The following chart has been created by Mr. Didio from these results. The amount that one App Store user spends per month is $10.4 (about 1,500 yen) on the App Store and $1.4 (about 210 yen) on Google Play. In this sense, says Mr. Didio, “iOS users are 7.4 times more than Android users.”

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