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Introducing "FFXIV" and "Uninhabited Island Development" lessons on actual devices!  -GAME WATCH

Introducing “FFXIV” and “Uninhabited Island Development” lessons on actual devices! -GAME WATCH

Patch 6.2 “Memoria” Main Content “Development of the Uninhabited Island”. Producer and director Naoki Yoshida provided details about the actual machine.

The deserted island is a single area where you can get one for each player. You can enter up to 15 people as FC and friends, but it’s basically content that you can play on your own.

Release requirement is main story illustration 6.0. Regarding the story of the uninhabited island, it is necessary to speak to the point.

[ما يمكنك القيام به في جزيرة غير مأهولة]

The first place to visit is an uninhabited cove. This is the beginning of development. Mr. Yoshida used to fly from the sky over uninhabited islands, but says it’s necessary to develop development somewhat before players can fly. However, it appears that the holder can be used from a very early stage.

In the foreground, as new mounts, a mountain appeared to reach the Drippy and Mount Mandragora. In addition, there are skills that can only be used on the island, such as “Isle Sprint” and “Isle Dejon”, which have a fast rework time.

On the beach they reached, there is a magical doll called “Nekomimi-san” that ends in “nya”. Nekomimi-san is a guide to developing an uninhabited island life tutorial, and as you progress through this mission, you’ll be able to do more things.

All activities on the island are organized on a dedicated user interface called “Development Board”. For example, to collect materials to build a base, go outside the base and select “Harvest Mode” from the development panel, and items that can be harvested at that time will be displayed with a light effect. Once you get to it, you can get the material without fail. The materials you get will be stored in a special ‘development bag’, so you don’t have to worry about putting pressure on your inventory.

Once you have collected the necessary materials, you will be able to use crafting mode. Make a hatchet in the tutorial. The presence of an ax allows you to get wood in harvest mode. When production becomes possible, a task will appear to create an activity base called “Island Hall”.

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When the base is completed and the mission is cleared, you can get a special arrow as a reward. Mr. Yoshida says the rewards aren’t about strength, like stands and fancy equipment, so “I want you to play hard.” Useful items that can be used outdoors, such as dyes and various materials, are also included in the rewards.

The educational research takes about 2.5 hours. Initially, construction will be completed immediately, but as the stage progresses, some facilities will require more time. “You can apply for Content Finder from anywhere on the island. It’s not in a hurry, so please do it slowly,” Yoshida says.

If it gets lost during development, you can see the clue from the “?” on the development board.

Hunting animals and working in the fields

There is a farming rank on the island, and the value of farming experience is increased by building facilities and doing harvesting activities. The higher your rank, the more bases you will be able to create.

In the tutorial, after building a base, you can talk to “Tagaya-kun” to open the “cultivation land”, and talk to Bokuchiku-kun to open the “grazing land”.

To grow plants, first set the development board to “Sowing Mode” and plant the seeds of your choice, then use “Irrigation Mode” to plant them. Even if you do not water it, it will not wither, and when it rains on the island, it will grow with the same effect as watering. Once planted, it can be harvested in “harvest mode”.

As development progresses, you’ll be able to entrust management to NPCs. “It’s not that you have to do it every hour, so it’s okay to take it slowly,” says Mr. Yoshida.

When you release cattle, you will only receive the consumable item “Capture Net” at first, so you can hunt and raise the animals outside. In the beginning, you can raise 5 animals, and you can name each one of them.

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If you feed him in Feeding Mode and get used to him, you will be able to harvest livestock materials. After the fishing net has disappeared, you need to collect materials and make it yourself. There are many types of nets, and it looks like you’ll need a net to catch the wild beast in the back.

If you talk to Kaitaku-kun #1, he will create two building areas. You can build a pilot workshop here. In the workshop, you can make special island products and trade them as island products.

Rocks are needed to build a pioneer workshop, and hammers are necessary for rock harvesting, so first collect materials to make hammers. It is told like this.

Up to 40 followers can be roamed around the island.

You can have up to 40 followers in total in different areas of the island. For free range, just select an area and select the minions you want to release in free range, minions will roam all over the area. There are also many attractions.

[العميل الحر]

“I’m thinking of creating something that can be done about once every two patches and expanding it,” Yoshida says. “Instead of doing it all at once and completing it, I want you to go at your own pace while waiting for a match or when you have nothing to do until the next patch. I don’t think it’s something everyone can erase. I hope people feel like they have an island to play with,” Yoshida says.