September 24, 2021


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Instagram: The social network is saying goodbye to one of its iconic features

Instagram: The social network is saying goodbye to one of its iconic features

Next week, the “swipe up” feature used in Instagram stories will be replaced by a sticker.

Pulling the screen up to follow the link will be impossible from next week. Is on Instagram Confident Nearby On the edge The launch of this feature will take place on August 30, 2021. As a reminder, this feature is reserved for those who have More than 10,000 subscribers, Add links to stories.

A “sticker” instead

Instagram will replace the popular “Swipe Up” with a simple link sticker. So, people who want to share a website with stories that disappear after 24 hours can do so by selecting the widget and typing the link. The new sticker will allow followers to respond to the storyThis is because the swipe up function hides the answer bar at the bottom of the screen.

This will allow users to view the story content, among other things Redirected to external website by touching the sticker.

Oulalala I realize the update vacancies have come! Unhappy customers, because some influencers can no longer share links for a while!

– லாரியன் ரெய்ன் (lauriane_reine) August 24, 2021

According to Vishal Shah, the former Instagram product manager was interviewed Tomskite, The stickers were parallel to how people are currently using the platform.

More convenience for the user

In fact, it may be easier for users to access links shared by Internet users because many people do not think to slide their screen upwards.

The link sticker can be placed anywhere on the screen Show the name of the link so the user knows which website they are being redirected to. Instead of dragging the slider up, people can tap the widget.

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Dissatisfied influencers

In fact, swipe up Which in particular helped them to form partnerships with third-party companies to create product jobs. Not everyone likes the possibility of extending access to more people.

Beyond the links, Instagram also plans to integrate a level function – Until now Trheads – Available within the application. Through the levels, users can show their close friends what they are doing. For example, even if they are at home, on the beach or when the battery is exhausted. These levels appear at the bottom of the profile picture and are only accessible to close friends. This feature is enabled automatically, so Instagram will change it once it detects a location.