July 1, 2022


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In "The Last of Us Part I", Tess is almost a different person. Each character's appearance is also reconstructed in a super-realistic way.

In “The Last of Us Part I”, Tess is almost a different person. Each character’s appearance is also reconstructed in a super-realistic way.

On the official Twitter account of developer Naughty Dog,Our last part oneThe sketch of Tess, the character in the movie, has been revealed for the first time. Compared to the same scene in the original “The Last of Us”, a more realistic appearance is presented in the video. Fans have different reactions to Tess’ drawings, which have changed significantly from the original impression. However, there seems to be a consensus on “improving realism”.

“The Last of Us Part I” is an action and adventure game. A complete remake of “The Last of Us” was released in 2013, with reimagined graphics while faithfully reproducing the original. Audio, operability, accessibility, AI battle, etc. have also been revised, and the latest technology aims to reproduce that enhances the immersive feeling. The supported platform is PlayStation 5/PC, and the PlayStation 5 release date is September 2, 2022.

What attracts attention in the remastered version is the drawing, which has been remade from scratch. Not only have the light and shadow expressions and created details improved, but the character’s facial structure itself has also changed. By carefully following the realism and tracing the changes in the facial expressions of the actor who captured it, we get the realism that seems to be there.

What is the difference between the original and the new version?

The edited version of Tess’s intro video uses a scene in which Tess takes a breath, sighs after a short pause, and then leaves. The first thing that makes a big difference when watching the video is the difference in how the face is made. She approaches the look of Annie Wershing, who played Tess. Moreover, if you compare the differences closely, you can see that the change in facial expressions is most accurately expressed in the modified version.

The Last of Us fans on Twitter are excited about Tess’ realistic graphics. As a positive opinion, there are voices that welcome improved realism, such as “Like a real human” and “Increased immersive feeling.” On the other hand, as a negative opinion, there were comments that made different points of the impression at the time of the original run, such as “face impression is different” and “age looks different”. In any case, there is a consensus that “the graphics are more realistic than the original”. The “pursuit of realism” that Naughty Dog aims at in the modified version of the graphic is so clear that almost everyone can see it.

The reality of the “face” that the Creator is talking about

In “Summer Game Fest 2022,” which was the venue for the announcement of “The Last of Us Part I,” Neil Druckman, creator of the “The Last of Us” series, commented on the goal of the new release. “We wanted to deliver the final version of the first release, technically unimpeded,” Druckmann said. The latest technology is said to express what was impossible at the time of the original work.

“I was looking for a way to get closer to the original version. With PS5 and PC, it’s possible,” he said. In other words, it can be said that the modified version of “The Last of Us Part I” contains the image of the development team that cannot be expressed in the original version due to technical limitations. In fact, Druckmann seemed happy to react to the edited version of Tess’ video on Twitter and to “show off” more with his acting awesomeness.

As for the paraphrase, it is said that the image of the actual actor, which is the basis for the graphic production of the character, is the same as that which existed at the time of the original work. In development, rebuilt from 1 under the same Artistic Director as the original. “The cool thing about the character’s face graphics is that they are a lot closer to the representation of the original cast,” Druckmann said.

It was also said that the development of a remake version is being promoted by making use of the experience gained in “Uncharted Pirate King and the Last Hallows” and “The Last of Us Part II”. This work appears to have a graphic impression similar to “The Last of Us Part II”. In particular, with the faces of the main characters Joel and Erici and the scenes depicting the same building, there is a sense of loneliness depicting the same world in “The Last of Us Part I” and “The Last of Us Part II”. You can feel it.

Top image: Joel and Erie from “The Last of Us Part I” from the official Naughty Dog website. Bottom: screenshot of Joel and Eri from “The Last of Us Part II”

A live-action drama version of “The Last of Us” is also being produced. Craig Mazen, co-producer and screenwriter of the drama version, reported the end of filming on June 11. The drama is hesitant when it airs, but it could be a catalyst for the spread of “The Last of Us” for people who don’t play the game. Also, a new version may have been made aimed at it.

“The Last of Us Part I” will be released to existing fans as well as new players for the PlayStation 5 on September 2, 2022. The PC version is in development, and the release date has not been determined.

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