October 24, 2021


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In the Flip Palace mini-game, you go beyond walls with amazing puzzles

With Flip Palace you can walk through walls. You will have to use this ability to find your way back and solve the puzzle in each level.

You play as a mini character and have to make your way towards your goal, a white cube. So far, nothing new. corn Flip Palace Lets you do one more thing to get to the end of the journey: from you reflect, i.e. moving from one side of the earth to the other side. Thus, in order to better use your environment.

Flip Palace It is a free game that you can play directly from your browser. you can Play Flip Palace here. And we warn you: it’s highly addictive.

A puzzle you can walk through walls

To navigate the game, nothing complicated. You just need to use direction arrows to move, space bar to jump and up or down arrow to reverse your direction.

Flip Palace It is then a game with a very simple concept: you must reach the small white cube, and for this, you must succeed in finding the right path, without falling into the traps set by the game. You will also have to solve each level as if you were solving a puzzle: a straight path would not be the correct path to take (especially since there is not often that option). Puzzles follow one another over 25 levels, all challenging enough to give you a hard time, without going so far that you want to throw your computer out the window – something we’ve always appreciated at Numerama. Above all, the end result is very addictive (Have you played this game a lot before writing this article? Maybe).

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One of the Flip Palace levels // Source: 08 jack

Flip Palace It has been publicly available since August 26, 2021 and was developed by 08Jack, who Definitely the first puzzle. But this is not the only game he has ever developed. About twenty mini games are available on on the itch of the page, moving from the most enthusiastic (think about stage milk, where you have to avoid milk bottles while the character we are playing appears on stage), or more classic (like Walking in the desert, a Runner game where you should avoid aloe vera to continue).

« I came up with the idea of ​​making a game where the player can enter the walls08Jack explains, called by Nomirama. But I struggled to find a fun way to incorporate the idea into the game. “Until one evening he had an idea to literally take down the players. Once the concept was found, it took a month to develop the game.” It was designing the levels that took me the most time. »We understand – because we still have slight moaned during certain levels.

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08 jack

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