March 25, 2023


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In Sweden, you will find references to games in very unusual places

Ghosts are now also out of harm’s way in the Stockholm metro.

Reddit user a brush An interesting find on a trip to Sweden. He notices that a grid somewhere inside Stockholm’s metro has holes in it that are very unusual: They look like characters from the classic 1980 arcade game Pac-Man. A realistic easter egg, so to speak.

What does the Pac-Man cue look like?

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A total of four holes in the net have been given special shapes. One of them is in the form of Pac-Man and the other three are his opponents, the Ghosts. The Pac-Man template clearly states that the grille must be factory made along with the cue, as this template cannot be modified into one of the regular holes.

It might still be possible with ghosts, but it would be very difficult. Who is responsible for this: you have our sympathy!

Endless tragedy: Since Pac-Man is moving toward the ghosts on the grid, it must be assumed that he hasn’t collected a Power Pellet. Thus he will surrender to the spirits in a duel. If this doesn’t change, which unfortunately isn’t expected, it’s possible that Pac-Man will run away from ghosts and live a troubled life forever. And the poor man does not even have fruits to collect …

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Retro may not be new anymore, but there is always great news about it. This is shown, among other things, by the discovery in the Stockholm metro. You can find two other important examples here:

What do you think of such factual references, especially when they are not made by individuals but by companies? Have you ever come across one of these Easter eggs yourself? Do you have any good ideas for hints yourself? Write it in the comments!