December 2, 2023


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Ikea uses smart technology to position furniture – t3n – digital pioneers

Ikea uses smart technology to position furniture – t3n – digital pioneers

With the new application, you can place furniture in your living room. (photo: Ikea)

Ikea works with artificial intelligence so that customers can see what the furniture from the furniture store looks like in their own home. The technology scans the image of the room and removes the existing furniture.

Ikea has introduced a new feature in the app and on that allows you to place furniture in your living room using AI technology. It’s called “Ikea Creative” and it’s now available in Germany.

Customers can use it to take a wide angle photo of their living room or any other space they want to set up. They can then use artificial intelligence to remove existing pieces of furniture or clutter such as piles of clothes.

After removing their furniture by AI, users can place furniture from the Ikea range in the room. These course are widely included. According to Ikea, the AI ​​recognizes 97 percent of the real size of a room. This way, customers can see what a newly furnished room could look like.

Directly into cart or submit it first on the web

Users can then either save the newly created room using AI and submit it on social media or put it directly into the cart and order it from Ikea.

“With IKEA Kreativ, we’re taking interior design to a new level. Whether it’s a simple makeover or a complete relocation, 3D mixed reality graphics give users a sense of what IKEA furniture will look like in their home,” explains Jeremy Drury, Chief Digital Officer, Ikea Germany.

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A Silicon Valley company provides the technology

The technology for the new feature comes from a Silicon Valley AI company called Geomagical Labs. This was actually taken over by Ikea in 2020.

Among other things, neural artificial intelligence networks are used here, because they are also present in self-driving cars. They recognize objects in the room, and can identify and remove them. They are also trained to familiarize themselves with the room and calculate the dimensions.

Another great feature is that the newly introduced Ikea furniture directly adapts to the lighting of the room in 3D via AI.

If you do not want to scan your house or apartment, you can choose among the so-called interactive exhibition rooms and place the appropriate furniture there as you wish.