September 22, 2023


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If you use an iPhone as your “name”, change it immediately – otherwise your real name will be exposed!  – OTONA LIFE

If you use an iPhone as your “name”, change it immediately – otherwise your real name will be exposed! – OTONA LIFE

With its excellent functionality and simple and elegant design, Apple’s “iPhone” boasts almost half of smartphone users in Japan. Many people use iPhone casually, but in order to use the device safely, it is necessary to manage personal information by yourself.

Atope @ iPhone Useful info @ atop_bnplto“If you don’t do this, it’s dangerous. A lot of people use their iPhone as their name. When you buy it, it will be the same name as your Apple ID, so if you don’t change it, your real name will be revealed. If you unlock your Mac If you are at Starbucks and try to connect to WiFi, your real name will be revealed. I was surprised to see it. You can change it immediately by[الإعدادات> عام> معلومات> الاسم]It will be safer if you change AirDrop. The way to do this is[الإعدادات -> عام -> AirDrop -> “عدم استلام” أو “جهات الاتصال فقط”]. Once upon a time, AirDrop harassers, who send photos to other people without permission, became commonplace, so be careful.”The tweet has become a hot topic on Twitter.

This time, we’ll provide details about this tweet and the different opinions expressed in the reply section.

How to change the “name” of the iPhone!

Now let’s take a closer look at how to change the name of your iPhone.

First, select General from the Settings app.

(Photo courtesy of “Atope @ iPhone Otoku Information (atope_bnpl)”)

Next, click on the “Name” pane that appears above the “Information” item.

(Photo courtesy of “Atope @ iPhone Otoku Information (atope_bnpl)”)

(Photo courtesy of “Atope @ iPhone Otoku Information (atope_bnpl)”)

You will then be able to edit the iPhone name, so let’s set this to something other than your real name.

(Photo courtesy of “Atope @ iPhone Otoku Information (atope_bnpl)”)

(Photo courtesy of “Atope @ iPhone Otoku Information (atope_bnpl)”)

(Photo courtesy of “Atope @ iPhone Otoku Information (atope_bnpl)”)

If the “Name” field is left as default, it is very common for the real name to be registered at the time of purchase. If your iPhone’s name is your real name, your name may be inadvertently known to those around you when you’re connected to Wi-Fi on the go or when your AirDrop range is set to “Everyone.” There is a risk of getting lost. So, whether you are considering buying an iPhone or have already started using the iPhone, it is recommended that you set your “Name” to something other than your real name.

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What is so scary about exposing your real name to those around you? For example, if your iPhone’s name is that of a woman, you can use the AirDrop function to intentionally send obscene photos from strangers. The damage is already done.

I’ve also been a victim of such “AirDrop harassment” at Ikebukuro Station on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line before, but in addition to being afraid of not knowing who sent it to me, I had a personal device called an iPhone. In, it unexpectedly shocked me because I suddenly found myself alone with an act of harassment that was carried out quietly without anyone around me knowing.

Let’s review AirDrop settings!

Instagram users who viewed this post said, “I was wondering if my name was on AirDrop!! Be careful with your Wi-Fi at home.”

Also, some people said, “It’s really dangerous if you don’t! AirDrop on the train won’t hurt you.” When trying to send AirDrop, there were also voices saying that the situation where a large number of terminals have information that is publicly displayed is dangerous.

You can also change the range of AirDrop reception by selecting General from the Settings app and changing the AirDrop item from Everyone to Do Not Receive. Reception can be prevented.

In iOS 16.2 delivered the other day, even those who selected “Everyone” in their AirDrop receiving settings will automatically change to “Contacts Only” after 10 minutes, so the harm from sexual harassment like the one in the future.

You can also change the name to your favorite food

Before you start using the iPhone, you should definitely check the “Name” setting. If you accidentally set it as your real name, let’s change it now.

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The author changed the name to “Steamed Conger in a Clay Pot” after being harassed by AirDrop. Steamed pot in a casserole is one of my favorites, but you can’t tell if it’s a man or a woman, and it creates a dangerous atmosphere when you get stuck in it. One way is to do this.

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