May 21, 2022


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Buchcover Identität im Zwielicht

Identity in Twilight – Jörg Schiller Seeking Consensus in Identity Politics | Sunday newspaper

We all think of boxes because it makes it easier for our minds to categorize people, things, or events. We practice identity politics. It helps us better understand the world and orient ourselves in it. But what exactly is identity and how does identity politics work?

Each person has his own identity. But what does this mean? Does my nationality, skin colour, religion, nationality or social origin play a role? And if so, what is its size? Do I decide it myself or is it attributed to me from the outside?

For Jörg Schiller, identity is above all “a reference point for the formation of opinion, science, politics, economics and many other fields”. But it’s not just about the lives you live, it’s about the groups that emerge from these identities. Identities can also be a problem when they are assigned externally to a group. According to Schiller, identity per se is not the real problem, but rather when the individual disappears behind it.

Schiller himself notes how he sees a person not less, but more and more characteristics of the identity behind him.

“My visualization has turned into a scanner that records features in minute detail and presents my mind as if it were on a receipt.”

in a identity at dusk Schiller includes many different points of view and you can see how far this topic extends, but also how confidently he moves within it. He cites many sources and thus gives an overview of the current scientific situation. While reading, it is always difficult to keep track of things. But every time I get lost between quotes, Schiller comes around the corner with a daily comparison that translates theory into practice. For example in the discussion that Black Lives Matter Movement The movement started. According to Schiller, it is about finding specific solutions to specific problems. Compare him to a car mechanic.

“Each auto mechanic will look for specific solutions to repair rather than treat an Opel Corsa like a Ford Mustang. However, it will be clear to him that both are cars and in both cases it is desirable that the engines run smoothly.”

These examples make the article more understandable, even if one has to say: It’s likely that no one who struggles with scholarly texts would be a good fit. identity at dusk can inspire. It gives anyone else insight into identity politics and identifies its limits and possibilities without losing the basis for what it is about: people, their relationship to society, and the debate that could not be more substantive.

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