May 17, 2022


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iCloud Error Annoys Developers: Server connections are often unreliable

Apple has been causing problems for users and their developers of apps with iCloud sync in recent weeks. These are due to the incomprehensible behavior of the iCloud server, which leads to incredible synchronization, and then users blame the developers.

Apple’s iCloud is currently causing problems in some applications. The bug is obvious in CloudKit, a set of interfaces that developers can use to communicate with iCloud servers. Server connections often lead to error messages, and the error code HTTP 503 is repeated, indicating that a service is temporarily unavailable.

However, this bug interferes with synchronization, so some developers have already begun to fix the problem.

Developers are getting into trouble

The creators of the popular note-taking processor GoodNotes have already created their own solution. Here, the connection request is repeated until successful. The development team provides information on this in a support document.

This is because it is clear that irritability over the misalignment of a processor primarily affects its developers. In support forums for developers, error image DiscussedAccording to explanations, these pauses have been occurring since November. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that only a small number of users are affected, which makes the diagnosis difficult. Apparently, Apple was only helpful in very few cases.

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