May 17, 2022


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IBA and Mercury Plastics have signed a contract to install a radiation processing solution using Rhodotron technology in Ohio.

Image source: Reuters

( – IBA Today, the global leader in particle acceleration technology announced that it has signed a contract to install a Rhodotron(R) equipped radiation processing solution using Mercury Plastics (“Mercury”) in Middlefield, Ohio, USA. The solution will enhance the properties of the plastic, which will lead to many improvements in performance, including mechanical and chemical resistance and durability, while providing a clean, safe and environmentally friendly approach.

Mercury has operated an electron beam processing facility produced by IBA Dynamitron (R) since 1999. Thus, the use of IBA technology has enabled the company to develop extensive expertise in crosslinking of several polymers for the use of electron beam technology. This facility has made it possible to improve the properties of these polymers, to develop unique materials, to provide thermoplastic solutions for a wide range of industries. The company is one of the few to have an electronic beam unit of this type in North America.

Thomas Serveis, executive vice president of IBA Industrial, said: “This new contract with Mercury Plastics demonstrates the versatility of Rhodotron(R) technology, which has multiple uses. For a wide range of polymers, process irradiation is an alternative to chemical cross-linking: makes the process Production and end consumer use are safe and environmentally friendly, and we believe that this proven technology is an excellent alternative to other methods used in the sector.

Jay Burnett, President, Mercury Plastics explains, “After more than 20 years of successful collaboration, we look forward to continuing our work with IBA. Based on our previous experience with Dynamitron(R) technology, we have been really impressed with the machine’s uptime, as well as the excellent maintenance services that offered by IBA. Choosing Rhodotron (R) to expand our irradiation production capabilities was an obvious choice, enabling us to support growth and innovation with our customers.”

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