August 19, 2022


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I hope it's more related to Toy Story - The Hollywood Reporter

I hope it’s more related to Toy Story – The Hollywood Reporter

Tim Allen Finally weighs down the ongoing debate surrounding PixarThe last movie Light yearwhich tells the origin story of the Space Ranger character that would inspire the game Buzz Lightyear voiced by Allen in the Four Toy Story Movies.

During a video interview with additionalAllen explained that he “stayed far from this” but continued to recall a conversation he had years ago with Pixar designers about the possibility of exploring the origins of Buzz. “As I said a long time ago, we talked about this many years ago,” Allen said. “It was brought up in one of the sessions; I said what a fun movie it was.”

Light yearfeaturing the voice of Chris Evans as the title character, directed by Angus MacLean, who wrote and directed the 2011 theatrical short film Toon Toy Story: Little Fry The 2013 ABC Halloween Special Horror game story! Light year It marks the first feature film in the franchise not attributed to John Lasseter, the co-founder of Pixar who directed the first two films. Toy Story movies and they didn’t come back To the company after sabbatical leave in 2017 amid allegations of sexual misconduct from co-workers.

“The brass who made the first four movies, it’s just a whole new cast that doesn’t really have anything to do with the first movies,” Allen continued, though he didn’t mention anyone specifically. He said he assumed it at first Light year It will feature human actors rather than be an animation project and added, “There’s really no Toy Story’s Buzz without Woody. “

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He calls himself a “conspiracy man.” home improvement The guy said he expects Light year To be “a great adventure story. As I see it, it’s not a great adventure story. It’s a great story. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the game.”

Allen concluded, “It has nothing to do with Buzz. It has no connection. I wish there was a better connection.”

The film bowed to $50.6 million, and came in second after keeping Jurassic World Dominion when it first appeared.

“The movie didn’t press the right buttons”, a former competitor movie before Tell The Hollywood Reporter Around Light yearDisappointing opening.

Light year It has been a source of controversy in recent weeks. Public figures like Patricia Heaton condemn The film ahead of its release on June 17 to not involve Allen, the film has also made headlines about reactions to a file Same-sex kiss.