September 28, 2022


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Hydrotec Technologie Wildeshausen: Committee welcomes plans

The green light for Wildeshausen-based Hydrotec Technologies’ plans to expand the site on Düngstruper Straße with an iron foundry — at least if the building commission has its way. All parliamentary blocs voted to accept the draft plan for the development of the “Four Loiret business district”.

no worries

The committee document shows that 13 representatives of public affairs had no suggestions or concerns, but eight did. Karl Schulz first asked Tamming Hanhof (Independent) if the general explanation had ever been properly implemented, as he was surprised not to receive private objections “again”. City spokesman Hans Overvilg explained that the translation was done via the Lower Saxony state portal and that there was a link to the city’s website.

Hydrotec Technologies intends to use at least 50 percent of the rooftop area for PV systems. On this fact, Jens-Peter Hennken (CDW) praised the planned project as a groundbreaking one: It shows how investors, management and policy will constructively work together. CDW sees potential problems at the Düngstruper Straße/Südring junction, through which the development is taking place. “We hope the traffic report will offer new approaches.” Oliver Clare (Greens) also found words of praise for PV systems. However, since open space is so valuable to it, he called for a specification in the development plan that PV systems could not be installed there. Ulrich Kramer (CDU) praised the construction project as demonstrating the consistency of sustainable work.

New Jobs

With the construction of the iron foundry, Hydrotec Technologies intends to transfer production capabilities to Germany. Manhole Covers, Drainage and Street Furniture Company wants to invest around 20 million euros in the city area and create 100 new jobs.