May 31, 2023


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Husqvarna: The Best of Both Worlds

Automower Intelligent Mapping (AIM): With the new virtual area control technology, Husqvarna robotic lawn mowers can now be controlled digitally and without additional limit wires via the Automower Connect app within the selected mowing area.


The Territory control Via smartphone opens up new possibilities for gardeners to redesign the lawn area at any time according to their ideas.

Starting this spring, thanks to Husqvarna’s new AIM technology, garden owners can design with just few clicks Their own perfection and mechanism garden care Easy as never before. After the global launch of the first robotic lawn mower over 25 years ago, the Husqvarna robotic lawn mower pioneer led the year 2020 with the EPOS wireless cutting system (Accurate Positioning Operating System) Other Technology teacher In the field of independent cutting. Since then, Pro Automower and CEORA robotic mowers have been communicating using a reference station SatellitesTo roughly define your cutting area. For the 2022 lawn season, the Swedish company now continues its role as a leader in smart gardening and leads the way aim, shoot One Virtual Zone Control For Husqvarna Automower robotic mowers. With the new Automower Intelligent Mapping (AIM) technology, users can use Automower Connect app One virtual card The grass area They can be created in the garden and used to adjust any areas in your garden without boundary wires, for example for wildflowers or a newly installed swimming pool. Individual zones can be flexibly and intelligently selected via smartphone and that storytelling behavior for each region adjust or adapt Or even bypassed by a fully automated lawn mower.

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“No garden and no garden is like another. Using AIM technology for automated lawn mowers, Husqvarna garden care still smarter. In the tradition of our technology leadership, this season we also want to give gardeners a tool with which they can easily redesign their lawns at any time via a smartphone. No extra limit wire‘,” says Nicole Mahler, Product Portfolio Manager at Husqvarna Germany.

Best of both worlds – cable meets virtual graphics

With AIM technology, Husqvarna combines that The best of both worlds. using GPS and varied sensors Will judgments Husqvarna Automower robot lawn mower High. Using this technology, Automower’s robotic lawn mowers collect data about their mowing process and create a file virtual card Lawn to draw a lawn area map. Then, users can access the map view created in the Automower Connect app, including an expanded set of functions:

Auto Zone Controll: Work and stay areas outside of the Husqvarna Automower can be created right here in the map view.

Stay out of the areas: This can be used to identify areas that should not be cut. It is not necessary to modify the cable installation.

work surfaceN: Different working areas can be specified in the application (eg wildflower lawns) for the lawn. Different schedules and cutting heights can be set for each zone.

High accuracy: Real-time information about the exact position of the Automower robotic lawn mower.

Enhanced map display: Users receive information about where to install the guide and boundary wires in the lawn.

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Flexibility: Using the card system, users can also make settings on the go via the Automower Connect app.

This is how it works – that’s what’s behind AIM technology

AIM technology provides file New generation The control the area Which is based on a completely virtual architecture and in Seven steps end:

1. Shear probes data collection

In normal operation during operation, the robotic lawn mower 3 (4) collects sensor data over a certain period of time (about 3-8 days), for example from shock sensors, ring sensors or GPS data. The device saves this data locally during the clipping phase.

2. Transfer data to the back-end server

The collected data is transmitted to the backend and stored during the upload process. Built-in cellular (LTE) is used for this. The amount of data for the full data acquisition stage is less than 15 MB.

3. Data processing: create a virtual 3D map / geodata

After the transfer is completed, all sensor data is used to collect geographic data (sensor fusion) and create a virtual map (3D representation) of the lawn. Greater accuracy can be achieved by using a variety of data samples from different sources. A 3D sensor data representation of the turf is then generated, including the position of the charging station, boundary wire, etc.

4. Send a map/geographic data to the robotic lawn mower

The 3D sensor data for grass, boundary and guide wire locations as well as the charging station is sent back to Automower via the mobile phone network (LTE) and stored there.

5. Transfer the map to the Automower Connect app

Location data is transmitted from the Automower robotic lawn mower to the Automower Connect app via mobile phone connections (LTE) or Bluetooth. Installation information appears in the map view of the Automower Connect app and is used by the robotic lawn mower to better navigate work areas.

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6. Create and send areas and settings to the robotic lawn mower

Users can then set individual areas on the map view in the Automower Connect app.

7. Improving the mowing position and navigation of the robotic lawn mower

During operation, the Husqvarna Automower robotic lawn mower uses a 3D sensor data display and constantly compares it to the sensor data in order to determine a more accurate positioning based on this.

aim, shoot he is compatible With Automower models 405X, 415X, 435X AWD, 535 AWD and possibly from Spring 2022 Available. else new solution To control the area of ​​Automower is Zone switching solution. With the help of the device, the boundary wire can be adjusted according to your own ideas in order to easily and effectively create individual zones. Another solution to this is this Flexible Zone Demarcation Group, where restricted areas are created by a physical fencing of steel arches. This can be used to exempt parts of the lawn from mowing by Automower, eg wildflower lawns. (Husqvarna)