Developers Nine rocks games and publishers THQ North Presenting today a new trailer for some of the animals that we will be seeing in our new hunting sim fisherman’s way We will expect. One of the two regions that awaits us with the release on August 16th takes us to the Pacific Northwest USA, into a fertile valley with deep forests and frozen rivers. Looming mountains and a large swamp cover a vast area of ​​64 square kilometers.

There live many species of animals that are very popular among hunters. The developers seem to attach great importance to variety. You will find birds, hoofed animals, predators, and large wild animals such as bears, elk, and elk. So there must be the right size for every fishing style.

These animals are on the way to the hunter:

  • gazelle
  • pheasant
  • American badger
  • white-tailed deer
  • American black bear
  • elk
  • red fox
  • the gray wolf
  • ram rocky mountains
  • mountain goats
  • Ross Goose
  • snipe
  • wild duck
  • Giant American deer

The highly dynamic behavior is striking in the manner of a hunter. The movement in the displayed scenes looks very natural. There are also events.

You can check out the new trailer for Way of the Hunter here:

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