December 2, 2023


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Huawei’s technology study to expand 5G in Germany is still ongoing

Berlin (dpa-AFX) – The potential constraints of Chinese technology groups Huawei and ZTE in developing Germany’s 5G mobile network remain open. The dpa news agency learned from government departments on Monday evening that testing is still going on. If components from Huawei and ZTE turn out to be a security risk, the federal government will not only ban mobile phone providers from using them, but also require them to transform their systems accordingly. Several media outlets previously reported that the federal government was planning to significantly restrict or ban the use of Chinese technology in expanding mobile networks in Germany.

The United States has long warned Germany against Huawei’s involvement in the mobile phone network. Several countries, including the United States and Canada, have excluded Huawei and ZTE’s network technology from their markets. The US claims that China can use 5G technology to spy on Huawei, for example. Huawei has always rejected the allegations./abc/DP/he

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