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How to delete your Google account ── Don't forget to prepare in advance, such as downloading data

How to delete your Google account ── Don't forget to prepare in advance, such as downloading data

Depending on the amount of data, you may need to wait a day or two before you can download it. Once the download is complete, make sure that you can view the downloaded data and back it up to a safe place before proceeding with deleting your Google Account.

Delete your Google account

Once the account deletion is complete, a confirmation screen like this will be displayed.

Google via David Nield

Once you have secured your data, securely delete your Google account that is no longer needed. You also have the option to delete only part of your Google account. For example, you can delete YouTube and continue using Gmail.

Partial deletion isGoogle account pageIt's also possible to go to Data & Privacy, then Remove Services, and then click the trash icon next to the service you want to remove (Google kindly offers to download data here as well). Once you see a few confirmation screens, you're done.

If you're sure you want to clear everything associated with your Google Account, click Delete Google Account under Data & Privacy. It will then give you a detailed explanation of what will happen if you delete your account, and will also show you examples of data that will actually be deleted (such as photo thumbnails).

Double check that you are not using it to authenticate another account.

It's important to double-check that the Gmail address associated with the Google account you want to delete isn't being used as a login or authentication email address for another account. There are also concerns that users will not be able to log in to other accounts because they cannot access their Gmail inbox.

Finally, if you confirm “Delete Account”, the work is complete. If you need to undelete your account for some reason, simply click Restore Account on the confirmation screen that appears after deleting your account. If you register another address for the reset, the same link will be sent to that address as well.

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How to delete your Google account ─ Don't forget to prepare in advance, such as downloading data

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