December 2, 2023


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How technology affects company culture

How technology affects company culture

Bad company culture is the reason many employees are fired. Can technology counter this or is it in and of itself part of the problem? The survey provides information.

It is important to consciously reinforce the company culture especially in times of working from home and the like. Supervisors and employees can also ensure a pleasant working atmosphere via video calls and chat. This is exactly why the interaction between technology and corporate culture is so interesting. I looked into this in more detail hot wire, a technology communications consultancy commissioned by YouGov to study the interactions between technology and culture. More than 2,000 office employees were surveyed.

When it comes to the potential of technology tools for company culture, a majority agrees: 68 percent of those surveyed believe technology can have a positive impact on company culture. In particular, using tools like video conferencing or instant messaging represented a 54 percent improvement in company culture, and nearly half reported that teamwork had improved as a result. However, a prerequisite for the positive effect of these tools is their correct use.

Bad experiences: One in five sees technology’s impact on company culture decisively

Unwanted use of technology is the use of too many tools. 54 percent of those surveyed believe that use of these should be restricted to those who need them most.

Overall, 21 percent had negative experiences with the interaction of technology and company culture, particularly deterioration of teamwork (26 percent) and negative consequences for the work atmosphere (32 percent). The feeling of being under constant scrutiny and expectations of an always functioning culture can be a negative effect of increased technology use.

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These factors make up a good corporate culture

Fair treatment of all employees is the basis of a pleasant company culture for half of those surveyed. Nearly half of them also stated that they would like to see communication between employees promoted as part of the company’s culture. Here in particular technology can have a significant impact on how well employees’ desires are implemented in relation to company culture. Ute HildebrandtManaging Director of Hotwire Germany, emphasizes the correct use of technology with the goal of corporate culture:

Technology is the key to overcoming physical distance or different working hours. However, this only works if companies focus on the needs of their employees rather than offering solutions that unnecessarily increase complexity or stress. Manpower acceptance is essential and the added value of the tool should exceed the implementation effort. Only then will the technologies prove themselves in the daily work of employees in the long term and strengthen communication and culture.

So tangible solutions can serve as a feedback for employees when purchasing new technologies, as well as digital solutions that allow more flexibility in everyday life. With the right use, technology can be an important component of a company culture that is fun for everyone.