July 1, 2022


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How many lawyers can be rated?

How many lawyers can be rated?

Almost all lawyers surveyed rely on online ratings and reviews to convince those seeking advice about their competence. Only 8 percent do without online reputation management.

91 percent use the rating system on a lawyer platform like B. anwalt.de. 62 percent can be rated via Google and 17 percent in various social media. 9% represented by other online rating systems.

Lawyer platforms such as anwalt.de in particular provide a professional and reputable environment for the sustainable development of online reputation. Als Rechtsanwalt bzw. Kanzlei mit einem anwalt.de-Profil können Sie optional am Bewertungssystem teilnehmen – und dieses auch jederzeit in Ihrem Kundenkonto unter „Nachrichten aktivieren/deaktivieren” bzw. „Kanzleinachrichten aktivieren/deaktivieren“ wieder aktiv schalten, sollten Sie es bisher deaktiviert possession.

Ratings are presented in a 5-star scale with an accompanying review. Your current average rating appears on your profile and in Google search results and is displayed in anwalt.de search. Out of ten ratings obtained, with an average of 4.7 and above, your search also earned anwalt.de a “Very Good” seal.

On average, lawyers who allow themselves to be rated receive up to three times the number of inquiries. Use these capabilities and let satisfied customers recommend you.

Reach out to customers whose concerns you have successfully resolved and ask them to write a review on anwalt.de. The distribution cards from anwalt.de, which contain a link to your rating function, are ideal for this. Customer service will send it to you at any time for free.

It has also proven useful to include the link to your rating function in the digital connection – eg b. in the email signature. This is organized according to the scheme https://www.anwalt.de/PROFIL-URL/bewertung-abmachen.php.

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You can also send digital review invitations to your lawyer’s profile or review invitations to your law firm’s profile directly from your anwalt.de account. You must first obtain the recipient’s consent for this.


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