September 30, 2023


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How GPT-4 Opens Up New Dimensions in Minecraft – t3n – The Digital Pioneers

How GPT-4 Opens Up New Dimensions in Minecraft – t3n – The Digital Pioneers

Minecraft is a popular video game series. (Photo: Rokas Tenys/Shutterstock)

The underlying technology ChatGPT can do more than just output text. The incorporation of artificial intelligence into virtual worlds opens up entirely new horizons for technological development.

A team from Nvidia, led by Linxi Fan, an AI researcher at the chip maker, has teamed up with AI expert Anima Anandkumar to introduce the GPT-4 language model into the popular video game Minecraft. The results are promising and could create entirely new possibilities for AI integration into games. that reports Wired.

A specially developed Minecraft bot called Voyager uses the capabilities of GPT-4 to solve the problems it encounters in the game. The language model creates goals for the bot and over time develops the code needed to achieve those goals. For example, Voyager can detect a nearby river and suggest fishing to gain experience points. With this proposal, GPT-4 generates the code that enables in-game fishing.

Use outside of the gaming bubble is also conceivable

The most interesting aspect of this project is GPT-4’s ability to learn behaviors and continually improve Voyager code. With feedback from the game and a description of the code generated, Voyager will be able to fine-tune its in-game actions and become more efficient in the long run. Thanks to the learning effect, the robot builds its own code library and can thus handle increasingly complex tasks.

Voyager’s performance compared to other AI agents is impressive. The robot collects more than three times as many items, explores more than twice the distance and builds tools 15 times faster than other agents. Linxi Fan asserts that the approach could be further improved by incorporating visual information from the game.

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The process that Voyager goes through with GPT-4 to solve problems in Minecraft can be applied to other areas as well. For example, software assistants that learn to automate tasks can be developed on computers or mobile devices.

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