November 30, 2021


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How did the blues game develop?

Emmanuel Langler, Media 365: Posted on Wednesday, November 17, 2021 at 1:12 pm.

XV developed in France. There is no longer any question of expropriation. Finally, before the New Zealand challenge…

France’s fifteenth sees the end of his tour in the fall. After dominating Argentina (29-20) on November 6, Fabian Galthe’s team achieved the best without sparkling over Georgia (41-15) on Sunday. And now another outing against the formidable All Blacks looms on the horizon. It will be Saturday evening (kicks off at 9pm) at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis.

The Blues clearly dream of “printing” New Zealand, a historic team with the oval, as did Ireland (29-20). Especially since the fifteen tricolor players have changed their game.. what has been talked about recently. Much has been said about the Jalibert-Ntamak association, and it is not yet decisive, and it is not necessarily inconsequential at this level and at such an age. Offensive animation is the subject of much controversy as the principles of gameplay seem to have changed.

Evolution of rules made change logical

There is no longer any question about expropriation as in version 1 of Project Blue. “We initially spent two years creating the framework, deciphered by Laurent Labette, France 15th attacking coach, in L’Equipe, Wednesday. How we wanted to work, of course, to play, and above all to train. The players needed time to adapt to the method of training. These are widely believed. We know that the offensive game is harder and longer to prepare. It requires a lot of things about connections between players, standards, and ways to follow each of them into their club. There was also the fact that the France team was behind or that other major countries took Take the initiative. Through this (expropriation) game, we also sought to create a new state of uncertainty among our opponents.”

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The Blues staff knew a couple of years ago that the game of dispossession was on the way, and then the evolution of the rules made that change “more sense”. Our principle of attack is to search for space on the ground. It can be in the first curtain, in the second curtain, or in the back of the field. This goal has not changed but the 50:22 rule, by tweaking the organization of defenses, has forced us to adapt. If the opponent now wins with two, two and a half or even three players, this frees up the odds on the first curtain, or even the second. With this rule, the working area is expanded, and the building area as well”, emphasizes Labett who notes that the space between the 22nd line and the 50th line “became the best place to carry the ball and attack.”

A robbery game against blacks?

This early expulsion corresponds to the characteristics of the players. Before some re-balancing. Against blacks, we can nonetheless return to this option. “It wouldn’t be surprising, no. We think we will have less space and the strategic dimension will be more present. It will be necessary to figure out how to save if work is slowed down, if we don’t find progress fast enough,” says Labette. The tour also made it possible to test. “There were things we had to see for sure. It was the right time, the thirteen-color attack leader lost. The team needs to prepare for anything that can be presented to them in two years’ time at the World Cup. If the opponent forces you to build a six-attacking seat, there is nothing Like match positions to work on. We had injuries in the goal post, so it was the right window to watch Ittihad Mathieu Gallibert and Roman Ntamak. But the time to try will have to stop. There will be a review after this round. And hinge #1 today what is it?” With Antoine (DuPont) and Romain, as with Antoine and Matthew. Either way, the team will have high-quality hinges,” the former player runs away with a smile.

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