August 19, 2022


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"House Of Gucci" With Lady Gaga Is Unbridled Fun - If You Watch The Right Edition - Kino News

“House Of Gucci” With Lady Gaga Is Unbridled Fun – If You Watch The Right Edition – Kino News

With “House Of Gucci,” Ridley Scott presents his second film this year – and it’s not a dry assessment of the famous Gucci crime case. It’s a lot of fun, at least properly.

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Lady Gaga stars as Patrizia Reggiani in “House Of Gucci,” who seizes the opportunity when she happens to meet Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver), the designated heir to the Gucci fashion group. They both fall in love, get married and live a life away from the rich family. But then Maurizio’s uncle (Al Pacino) opens the door to his empire for them… But when you explain to her that she will always be an outsider, she doesn’t let that sit on her. I made Maurizio control the empire himself…

Ridley Scott is leaving his co-stars out of the series entirely in “House Of Gucci.” It’s as if everyone does what they want here, even if they don’t always get together. Adam Driver, for example, still takes his role quite seriously and is more suited to a classic autobiography. But Al Pacino is already leaving the pig strong, as he did ten years ago in “Jack & Jill.” But that’s nothing against Jared Leto, who walks around in his own as Aldo’s son Paolo under tons of makeup and is just plain hilarious. Lady Gaga has topped it all and impressively stuck to the most diverse trends together.

The FILMSTARTS movie review of “House Of Gucci”

That may sound strange – and it is. but With that (or precisely because of that) “House Of Gucci” is at least in some parts of it a lot of fun, and it’s an absolutely fantastic TV series in the cinema.

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However, we have to limit this evaluation somewhat: a large part of the super performances are transmitted via sound. Al Pacino, Lady Gaga, and Jared Leto play their way to real drunk with the craziest variations of Italian accents. They don’t make sense at all, but they add a lot to the fun. However, this aspect is completely missing in the German version.

So we come to the conclusion in the current issue of the Canvas Love podcast, That you should watch “House Of Gucci” in the original version (with subtitles if necessary). In general, moderator Sebastian and FILMSTARTS film critic Christoph and author of these lines were Bjorn’s interest in most (but not all) performances.

Also touched upon is the fact that many of the elements in “House Of Gucci” do not really correspond to the truth, and on top of that, we also address some weaknesses in the film, which is at least two and a half hours long, that prevent “House Of Gucci” from being You have achieved great success. The different weighting of these weaknesses also results in three different ratings by podcast participants.

Gucci HouseIt is currently showing in German cinemas.

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