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HoneyPuu Recreated From Rubik’s Cubes – TikTok video goes viral

HoneyPuu Recreated From Rubik’s Cubes – TikTok video goes viral

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from: Philip Hansen

HoneyPuu is the face of Twitch Germany. Now the streamer is dedicated to magical TikTok artwork that you have to see for yourself.

Stuttgart — Germany’s HoneyPuu dominates the pickpocketing scene and was even the largest streaming company in the world. A charming memorial of a different sort has now been erected to the young woman. The rather small TikToker is blasting its clicks with Rubik’s cube artwork in honor of HoneyPou.

full name Isabelle Schneider
known as Honey
birthday December 16, 2000
Instagram subscribers 315,000 (as of January 2023)
Followers on Twitch 626,923 (as of January 2023)

Fan immortalizes the HoneyPuu streamer as a Rubik’s Cube artwork – revealing how long it took

HoneyPuu in a different way: Who does not know them, the crazy world championship, where clever monsters and geniuses of motor skills solve the famous Rubik’s Cube in record time with one color for each side. But TikToker Cubetastic doesn’t want the cube to be monochromatic, because it creates real works of art with it.

The biggest German streamer, Isabelle Schneider, is known all over the world as HoneyPuu. She was briefly the most viewed woman on Twitch of all time. HoneyPuu now has a wall-sized painting made entirely of about 400 Rubik’s cubes. Here you can see the TikTok video, at the end of which you surprise the iconic gesture with the playful lollipop in the mouth:

How long did that take? The builder himself says it took “about 2 hours” to prepare and 4 to 5 hours to build. But the time was worth it. The corresponding video became a huge hit within a very short period of time, and the clip has already garnered nearly 400,000 views. Other than that, an average of 2,000 to 6,000 people watch the Rubik’s Cube artist. HoneyPuu was presented with the lollipop in its mouth as a magical work of art. You can watch the TikTok video for yourself here:

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HoneyPuu’s TikTok ‘Differently Awesome’ – Video causes click numbers to explode

This is how the community reacted: One word appears in the comments more often than any other: “amazingThis is how viewers describe the work of the Cubetastic inventor. The time has come.amazing!!!“Without additions, sometimes you read”Amazing how talentedAnd sometimes it is decorated with an amazing smiley face. Everyone agrees that the painstaking detail work is awesome.

Honey Boo and Rubik’s cubes. © Imago Images / HoneyPuu Isabell Schneider (Editing)

How does HoneyPuu react to this? Unfortunately, the streamer herself has yet to respond to her Rubik’s Cube photo on TikTok (as of March 13). In more than 500 comments, HoneyPuu has already been linked directly several times, and thus should have been affected by it quickly.

Why are magic cubes called Rubik’s cube?

The inventor of the colorful puzzle cube is called Ernő Rubik – hence the name Rubik’s Cube. Hungarian engineer Rubik created the thinking game in 1980, causing a stir that still inspires the world today, more than 40 years later. By the way, the Rubik’s Cube is made of 26 individual blocks – that was already a million euro question in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

Other banners immortalized: To date, the Rubik’s Cube artist has less than 2,000 followers on TikTok. Big mistake, because other German flags have already been commemorated with Rubik’s cubes. These include, for example, these legends and giants of Twitch:

But the magical Messi or Harry Potter are also immortalized as Rubik’s Cube images. So it’s definitely worth taking a look. But thanks to the huge number of clicks on “trivialHoneyPuu artwork, it can be assumed that a whole truckload of new signups will be arriving soon. The gamer, a model, is under fire because she probably doesn’t always realize her reach: HoneyPuu has had enough of boycotting games – receiving cash.

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