November 27, 2021


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High-speed, high-definition gaming: AGON 27″ Q27G2S / EU Monitor by AOC

AOC’s AGON welcomes the adventurous out there with a very attractive formula: a gaming monitor that blends nicely with the specifications of modern gaming PCs. QHD (2560 x 1440 pixels) is currently the ideal place for gamers who are transitioning from Full HD, but who also want to achieve high frame rates with their GPUs. A 27-inch screen perfectly matches this resolution with crystal-clear presentations and a very impressive pixel density of 109 pixels per inch, which requires no scaling.

Ready for battle

The AOC GAMING Q27G2S / EU monitor has an IPS panel that offers wide and pleasant viewing angles. with him 10 bit color depth It can display 1.07 billion colors and show precise transitions without streaks (depending on visual content and pressure applied). The IPS panel also ensures high color space coverage and exceptional color accuracy: perfect for aspiring YouTubers and streaming players who want to edit their movie material and share it with their communities, or for all those who want content – whether it’s a game or a movie – just want to enjoy the way an editor intended. the video.

The QHD resolution of the Q27G2S / EU is perfectly compatible with today’s gaming PCs and provides greater sharpness compared to Full HD displays. Players can see even the smallest details, such as an opponent in the distance, more easily. The Refresh rate 165 Hz (when using DisplayPort inputs) The Q27G2S/EU makes fast-paced competitive gaming a breeze. And thanks to MBR (Motion Blur Reduction), the screen achieves A MPRT is 1msEliminates virtually all shadows.

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It supports Q27G2S / EU Adaptive-Sync and it is NVIDIA G-SYNC-kompatibel. The GPU’s refresh rate can therefore be adapted to the screen’s refresh rate to avoid tearing and stuttering due to image mismatch. Low form input delay ensures that fast and reflexive player inputs are executed visually instantly.

The Q27G2S / EU features an ergonomic stand where the monitor can be adjusted in height, tilt and swivel for optimal positioning. With its 3-sided frameless design and a VESA-compliant mounting option, the Q27G2S/EU is also ideal for multi-monitor setups. For more flexibility in everyday tasks, two HDMI ports and a DisplayPort input are available for connecting multiple sources – such as a PC, second PC, laptop, console, etc. The OSD menu can be called up via the touch buttons at the bottom of the panel or via the G-Menu program.

Various gaming features in the Q27G2S/EU also include Dial Point (orthogonal overlay), AOC game color (to increase/decrease saturation), and frame rate counter. Flicker-free technology, which regulates brightness with DC instead of PWM, and Low Blue Mode also ensure gamer eyes are protected even during nighttime gaming sessions.

Der AOC games Q27G2S / EU he is Away immediately NS €359.00 / CHF 389.00 (RRP) is available.

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