November 27, 2022


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High performance molten filter enables sustainable shell processing in direct injection moulding

In order to be able to process flakes directly on the injection molding machines, the cleaning effect of the high-performance molten filter is used. (Photo: Ettlinger)

The molten filter continuously ensures the required purity. Cancellation of a separate granulation step protects the material and reduces energy requirements and CO2 emissions.

The heart of the two-stage technology is the modular injection molding machine designed for a two-stage process duo type. Like the auxiliary vacuum unit, the ERF350 fuse filter is placed between the annealing unit and the separate injection unit. The Schwertberg-based company decided to incorporate this filter due to the possibility of continuous and reliable separation of solid and flexible impurities from the molten plastic with contamination levels of up to 16%. To do this, they work in a self-cleaning method with a rotating perforated drum through which the melt flows from the outside to the inside. Meanwhile, the scraper removes the dirt remaining on the surface and feeds it to the vacuum system. This allows the user to have a fully automatic, long-term, uninterrupted process with good mixing and homogeneity of the melt.

Visitors to the K 2022 can experience the use of the ERF350 live in the Engel Pavilion of the Circular Economy Forum in the outdoor area between Halls 11 and 16. Rotating logistical load carriers, called pallets – are large-volume die-cast parts. From a mixture of post-industrial polyolefins, as they are often made from recycled materials.

K 2022: Hall 9, Stand A02

source: Etlinger