September 22, 2023


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Hidden in the Museum – Puzzle Escape game review, quiz

Hidden in the Museum – Puzzle Escape game review, quiz

Hidden in the Museum is another escape game from Leo Colovini’s Puzzles. It was published by Moses, like his predecessors, Verlag.

First of all, a note: I had The secret of San Marco Nor luck to understand the puzzles, that was not the case with this title. I felt like our reader was a “Venice expert,” who commented under my review:

“The tips weren’t helpful for the solution.”

That was the sticking point for me with this issue. But back to the beginning.

What is hidden in the museum puzzle game

The setting is classic. We, the group – or I alone – must save the flag. There is treasure hidden somewhere in the museum and of course a gang of thieves are already on their way to find the treasure themselves. So there is time pressure. Not only that, there are many puzzles that need to be solved in order to find the hiding place.

And it begins. The group must work their way through the puzzles step by step and come up with reasonable solutions. We hope the treasure is waiting at the end. So far the principle is known as well as from its predecessors eg The secret of San Marco or The mysterious enchanted forest a favour.

How does Hidden in the Museum work artistically?

First of all, regardless of the puzzles. The mechanism works as follows:

  • The puzzle is placed on the front of each card.
  • The solution can be found by trying or merging.
  • The solution is a digital code.
  • Numeric code verification is done on the back of the cards. There is a postmark with numbers. If all four numbers fit on the postmark, another card showing the same solution numbers can be found in exactly the same position.
  • If there is such a card, it will be revealed and its text or puzzle will work. In addition, all cards have the same shape as the seal.
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Hidden in the museum - two maps - pictures of Moses
Hidden in the museum are two portrait cards of Moses

In this way, the tasks come into play gradually, the story progresses and the case explosion becomes clear.

Riddles… weird

Let’s get to the crucial point: the puzzles. At least this one is fragile. Sure, there are minor tasks in between. Sometimes the statues have to be counted and classified, sometimes the wooden areas have to be arranged, and sometimes the dinosaurs have to be explored. What was really annoying was a puzzle where the symbols had to be marked on a column on the paper. So far everything is fairly clear and doable.

Now comes the BUT: There is little instruction. It is not about predetermining the solution. It’s just that the tasks are not clear and poorly explained. Even the help cards I find are pretty mediocre, if not useless. You can’t let people guess like that. Because if there are problems, there is a risk of standing on the hose and possible termination. Not because everything is so difficult, but because it is simply not explained clearly. that’s unfortunate.

Classification at the end

Depending on how long it takes to solve the adventure, points are awarded at the end. The default is to be faster than 66 minutes. That will be strong. On the other hand, more than 76 minutes is weak. In fact, this is the time frame in which the gang of thieves actually robbed the treasure in the museum. There are gradations in between.

Criticism: Good idea, sparingly executed this time around

I love puzzle escape games, exit scenarios, and crime mysteries. I was out this time. I suffered through the story, constantly cursing and having a hard time coping. No, that wasn’t fun. maybe me.

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Hard dealing with hidden in the museum

However, the processing this time is suboptimal. The postage idea is a good one, because there should be some kind of verification along the way. But the tedious search for numbers in positions exhausted me. This is also due to the rather small, but also long columns of numbers on the cards.

Hidden in the museum isn’t that disguised, but…

Hidden in the Museum - Illustrative Box - Pictures of Moses
Hidden in the Museum – Illustrative Box – Pictures of Moses

In addition, as written, there are some puzzles that are described very poorly and border even with a clear solution, the result was not clear (recognizable). So I’m not satisfied with Hidden in the Museum. On the other side The secret of San Marco falls due to inaccuracy. But I like to give the other titles another chance. Because as is always the case with escape and puzzle games, it can also be the form of the day that negatively affects the experience. However, no second round is possible because the solutions are known.

Information about hidden in the museum

  • Title: Hidden in the Museum
  • Subtitle: Puzzle Escape Game
  • Publisher: Moses
  • Author: Leo Colovini
  • Number of players (from to): 1-4
  • Age (from or to in years): 12
  • Duration in minutes: 75
  • Birth year: 2023