October 21, 2021


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Hexpol TPE: Skin soft to the touch for the treatment ball


The therapy ball aims to enhance cognitive and motor skills in a playful way.  (Photo: Echo Systems)

The therapy ball aims to enhance cognitive and motor skills in a playful way. (Photo: Echo Systems)

Mediprene TPE from Hexpol TPE, Malmö (Sweden), is used for the outer skin of the medicated ball from icho iystems GmbH, Duisburg.

Visual, auditory and kinesthetic therapy – all the senses are invigorated and invigorated with the ichó therapy ball. Developed to enhance cognitive and motor skills in a playful way. Depending on the application, ichó can react to colored lights, vibrations, noise, or music. Feedback can be individually adapted to the user’s needs. Current areas of application are people with dementia and children, with a particular focus on learning for people with autism.

The ball is made of an injection-molded outer skin that houses the lighting, speakers, sensors and electronics. Mediprene TPE was chosen because of its soft texture and good light transmission. In addition, the material should be easy to clean. Mediprene TPEs are resistant to the most common cleaning fluids used in healthcare.

As a medicinal product, the ichó therapy ball has been specifically developed for use in the medical context; Therefore, a medically suitable substance was needed. Mediprene TPE analogs have been tested for cytotoxicity according to ISO 10993-5 and for biocompatibility under ISO 10993-10 (intradermal reaction) as well as ISO 10993-11 (acute systemic toxicity) and USP Class VI. Mediprene materials are latex-free, which reduces the risk of allergic reactions. In ISO-compliant tests for sensitization and irritation, the analogue Mediprene mixture was found to have no sensitization potential and is classified as non-allergic.

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Samantha Scharf, Marketing and Sales at icho Systems explains: “It was important for us to work with medicinal materials, and here we had the right prerequisites. Right from the first contact, we were informed in detail about the material options. There was also a quick and good answer to inquiries. In addition to Hexpol’s own range of products, the advice has always been good and fast, so that the final production time can be very short.”

Since its introduction, the ichó therapy ball has already compiled the list of awards in Germany and Europe for its innovative design and social impact.



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