February 2, 2023


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Heat pump with low noise operation

In an ideal holiday home complex, the Buderus air-to-water heat pump provides heating and hot water. Thanks to Silent-plus technology, it works especially quietly and perfectly fits into a quiet environment.

The environment in which the Zander couple has recently lived is exceptional. who – which Danish built wooden house standing in the middle of one Vacation home settlement in Vogelsberg. Nature has always been close to the couple’s hearts – that’s why they chose it Climate friendly heating system. One Bodros Logatherm WLW 196i AR S + Air-to-Water Heat Pump. The addition S + means special silent operation, which was also important to the homeowner. “Nothing should disturb the peace in our residential area,” says George Zander.

Building Wooden house built in 1978 The site was immediately resumed by George Zander. “We turned the cottage into a permanent home,” he says. And with great effort. The Exterior wood panels renovatedThe Reinforced external walls and Hemp insulation by hand in individual compartments stuffed. For the interior walls, the couple chose one Clay plaster on walls as well as on ceilings. And for good reason. All rooms are heated with one radiant ceiling heatingHere, gypsum clay provides ideal conditions for a pleasant indoor climate.

Pellets or heat pump?

There was no doubt to Georg Zander that the previous oil heating system was outdated. Pellets or a heat pump, that was the question for him. Which was answered fairly quickly. Our house is good 100 square meters of living space. It was right that we used the former oil storage room as a vault. With pellets, this could have been occupied,” he explains. So: Air and water heat pump.

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When it comes to heat distribution, Zander followed the energy consultant’s suggestion of Ceiling radiant heating attached to clay plaster. With surface heating and heating coils attached to the ceiling, ideal conditions for the operation of the heat pump heating system are created.

Ultra-quiet heat pump

just a matter Noise development in a very quiet residential area It is still running at the time. The Logatherm WLW 196i AR S + According to the manufacturer, it works very quietly. According to the manufacturer, this is due to the Silent plus technology that Buderus uses in this device. “The compressor speed is fully in line with the performance requirements combined with the optimized refrigeration circuit Reduce compressor noise emissions. As a result, it operates in the optimum operating range and is therefore quieter,” explained Buderus Product Manager Hans-Jörg Risse. The company also reduced vibrations in the cooling circuit as the sound spread along the diffuser outlet was smoothed out.

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