September 24, 2021


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Health Pass: How to quickly access your QR code from your phone?

Health Pass: How to quickly access your QR code from your phone?

Cecil D., Laurent P.. Posted on September 8, 2021 at 10:24 am

Tired of opening the TousAntiCovid app fifteen times a day to access your QR code? Find shortcuts that allow you to easily issue your QR code.

Restaurant, Cinema, shopping complex, Museum, theater, work … Many French people now have to leave their own Health Pass Several times a day. With each new process, you have to reopen applications, search for documents, and sometimes struggle with the Internet network. QR code, That essential sesame is now a part of our lives …

In short, sometimes we have one Quick access For this small square of pixels, without doing many manipulations. Fortunately, the technology is great, with many of our options Skills Allow us to recapture those precious seconds.

Are you sure IPhone Where Android, Here are some tips to quickly access your health without going into the TousAntiCovid application.

On the iPhone

Some people refuse to use the app TousAntiCovid. For them, we have good news:Apple Wallet Allows you to do without it when registering your Health Pass on your phone!

How does it work? Please note that this application, which is available in the basic applications of your smartphone, allows you to collect all your loyalty cards, bank cards and other transport tickets (train, plane, etc.). First, you need to recover yourself European Health Pass. You just have to goMedical insurance, On Certification-, Recover it. If you were vaccinated a few months ago, you should also collect this particular pass, form 2D-DOC Used in France (QR code once vaccinated) does not match wallet.

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Then, you need to integrate this QR code with Wallet, but its format will not be used in the application first. This is why the smart ones have imagined many sites that will import your health pass .pkpass file, Can be read through the wallet. On these sites, we can notice it Govtpass, Which allows you to recover the desired file by following the instructions. If all goes well, you can now access your healthcare pass from your wallet.

Second solution: Convert to your QR code Widget Apple For this functionality, you must have the TousAntiCovid application and have your health pass registered in your notebook. You must also keep your certificate Favorite In use, check the heart above the QR code.

The rest is simple: just hold down the home screen and select the “+” displayed at the top left of the screen. Multiple pages will be displayed, select the one that shows your QR code. This precious pass is now shown on you Homepage, Is ready to serve. This feature is also available on the Apple Watch.

On Android

Android phones also allow you to create Widgets. The process is basically the same: open the TousAntiCovid app and bookmark your health pass. Go to the home screen of your phone and press and hold for a few seconds. When the widget icon appears, select it and scroll through the pages until you find one that displays your QR code. Your widget will appear on your home screen and you can move it anywhere you want so your phone can be ordered of your choice.

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Be careful though: by turning your QR code into a widget you run the risk of showing it to everyone when your phone is unlocked. Take care, some Malicious people They may want to use your QR code for themselves, pretend to be you, and take a picture. We therefore recommend that you place your widget in a less visible corner of your home screen.