December 6, 2021


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HBO Max doesn’t broadcast Champions Leagues and disappoints fans

HBO Max, a streaming platform that exclusively broadcasts some matches from the current edition of the Champions League, disappointed fans of several clubs this afternoon.

Reason? For a few minutes, the site did not show at least three announced matches: Manchester City against Paris Saint-Germain, Sharif against Real Madrid and Liverpool against Porto.

The error, which left fans “in the dark”, affected not only Brazil: on Twitter, dozens of complaints from fans were seen in other countries, such as Mexico.

Gradually, the problem was settled: first, the Liverpool match was broadcast on a replay between Inter Milan against Shakhtar – at the same time, City against Paris Saint-Germain was available in the catalog of the old Besiktas against Ajax.

Minutes later, the Real Madrid match was broadcast correctly on HBO Max with 20 minutes of the first time, as well as the match between the French and the English. On the other hand, the Liverpool-Porto match was corrected after only about 40 minutes into the initial stage.

During the break for City x PSG, also appearing on TNT Sports (the broadcasting platform partner), presenter Taynah Espinoza apologized to fans for the failure and reported that the situation had normalized.

NS UOL Sports Seek advice from HBO Max on placement. The note will be updated as soon as you return.

See some of the complaints:

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