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Hawaii Watch GT2 vs GT2 Pro vs GT2E: These are the differences

Hawaii Watch GT2 vs GT2 Pro vs GT2E: These are the differences

Smart watch

Along with the Watch GT2, Watch GT2 Pro and Watch GT2E, the Hawaii Smartwatch is active in the market with three models. We will tell you how the models differ.

  1. Model variations at a glance

  2. Design and workmanship

    1. Colors

    2. Bracelet

  3. Functions, processor and memory

  4. Battery life

  5. Conclusion

Huawei The smartwatch market is not a blank slate Check out GT2, Look at the GT2 Pro and the Watch GT2E to offer three best models. The We have already tested the Huawei Watch GT2, But what are the differences for other models? We want to clarify it for you in this comparative article.

Compared to the Huawei Watch GT2 models, the price is as follows:

  • Hawaii Watch GT2 – 129 Euro
  • Huawei Watch GT2 Pro – 225 Euro
  • Hawaii Watch GT2E – 99 Euro

With the following table, we give you a brief overview of the somewhat obvious differences of the Huawei Watch GT2 series. We will look at this in more detail.

Hawaii Watch GT2 Huawei Watch GT2 Pro Hawaii Watch GT2E
Sizes 1.39 and 1.2 inches (OLED) 1.39 Zoll (OLED) 1.39 Zoll (OLED)
Resolution 454 x 454 and 390 x 390 pixels 454 x 454 pixels 454 x 454 pixels
Processor Grin A1 Grin A1 Grin A1
Storage 4 gigabytes 4 gigabytes 4 gigabytes
GPS A-GPS, Clonas, Galileo A-GPS, Clonas, Galileo A-GPS, Clonas
Bluetooth 5.1 5.1 5.1
Heart rate monitor
Measurement of oxygen concentration
Game Recognition
Speaker and microphone
Operating system Hawaii Light OS Hawaii Light OS Hawaii Light OS
Envelope Ceramic and steel Ceramic and titanium Plastic, metal and steel
Colors Up to 7 colors 2 colors 4 colors
Drums Up to 455 mAh 455 mAh 455 mAh

Hawaii Watch GT2 Versus Watch GT2 Pro Versus GT2E

Model variations at a glance

Huawei offers three different smartwatches in three different price ranges. The Watch GT2 Pro is a luxury model that is slightly different from the regular watch GT2. The cheapest version is the watch GT2E, which means you have to do without speakers, microphone and WLAN.

The standard Hawaiian watch GT2 is only available in two different sizes with diameters of 42 and 46 millimeters, each coming in different colors. However, in all models, metal dominates as the main material for housing.

Hawaii Watch GT2 in pictures

Hawaii Watch GT2 in the gallery.

Design and workmanship

The Huawei Watch GT2 Series uses metal for almost all models. The GT2 and GT2E use steel for this, while the GT2 Pro uses titanium. There are differences between the bottom and the windshield: here the GT2 Pro uses a ceramic alloy and protects its display with sapphire glass. GT 2 and GT 2e, on the other hand, use unspecified glass.

Due to the somewhat sportier orientation of the Huawei Watch GT2E, the side controls are also slightly smaller. This means that, in terms of movement, the buttons should be pressed significantly lower on the wrist during exercise.


The Hawaii Watch GT2 in particular is available in many colors. Both the 42mm version and the 46mm model are available in four colors.

  • Huawei Watch GT2 42mm – Black, Blue, Khaki, Rose Gold
  • 46mm Hawaii Watch GT2 – Swarovski (Made), Orange, Braun, Titancrow

The Luxury Edition Watch GT2 Pro only comes in two colors. Here you have the choice between black and dark gray. Available in black, red, green and white, the watch GT2E model is again very colorful.


There are also obvious differences in bracelets. Here, the watch GT2 has a remarkably large selection for both of its sizes. Leather, metal and fluoroelastomer are available for you here. However, in choosing the smaller version of the watch you should do without metal bracelets.

It gets Sportier with the watch GT2E which uses fluoroelastomers and a type of DPU strap. Many straps are fitted with extra holes for better breathing on the wrist. The watch GT2 Pro, on the other hand, is the most expensive model in the fluoroelastomer strap and leather.

Functions, processor and memory

There were no major differences in performance data. All three clocks use an internal Grin A1 processor, compared to the first Hawaii Watch GT Brings a significant leap in performance. Additionally, all models offer 4 gigabytes of internal storage for applications and other data.

However, in the cheaper version, Huawei does without WLAN, speakers and microphone for cost reasons. So, you can’t answer phone calls with her. In addition, not all games of the more expensive models can be tracked via software. All Watch GT2 versions offer one for this Measurement of oxygen concentrationThis is a plus in terms of the cheaper model.

However, the Watch GT2 Pro has a functionality ahead of the cheaper variants: the TrueCene 4.0 Plus sensor installed in the base allows for significantly more accurate measurements. In addition, the Pro model recognizes some more sports by skiing and golf.

Battery life

All Watch GT2 models have a 1.39-inch (46mm) display and a 455 mAh battery. The watch GT2 is 42mm, on the other hand, has a very small battery with 420 mAh and can last up to 7 days short. According to Hawaii, all models with a 46mm display will last up to 14 days.


The Huawei Watch GT2 currently offers the best price-performance ratio with 129 euros. Compared to the Pro version which costs more than 100 euros, you do not have to do without a function and still have the full watch GT experience. You only compromise when choosing a material (steel versus titanium) or a slightly worse sensor under the watch.

If you want to do without bells and whistles like this, no wifi required, just put the watch on for training, the watch GT2E which costs only 100 euros is very good. It is not possible to communicate on the phone due to the lack of a microphone and microphone, but speaking is more complicated when tolerance is running.

On the other hand, the watch GT2 Pro is a luxury model for customers who value titanium case with sapphire crystal and very elegant leather straps. Slightly improved Druzeen 4.0 sensor and tracking of skiing and golfing are not worth the extra charge of up to 230 euros. Only luxury enthusiasts strike here.

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