November 27, 2022


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Harry Styles hits bottle in thigh at Chicago party: ‘Shake it off’

Harry Stiles He took a bottle to the thigh at his last concert in Chicago but shook it like a Taylor Swift song.

While performing at the United Center, the “As It Was” singer was talking to his fans, as he routinely does throughout his concert, talking about the weather in Windy City when a bottle hit him in a very sensitive area.

The tweets of the incident went viral, as it has unfortunately become fashionable to target performers on stage at their shows – whether out of adoration or horror.

Styles immediately showed signs of discomfort, and flinched before saying into the microphone, “Now that’s unfortunate.”

‘Don’t Worry Baby’ Stars Style Harry appears to be spitting on cosmopolitan Chris Pine in the viral video

A fan at a Harry Styles party threw a bottle at the singer, injuring him in the groin during the middle of his show in Chicago.
(Twitter / glambygab)

Back in August, fans at Harry Styles’ Love On Tour in New York City turned the former chicken nugget boy into a hit target, Throw food at him on stage.

Harry Styles wrapped up the Chicago portion of his tour on October 15.  He had several shows in

Harry Styles wrapped up the Chicago portion of his tour on October 15. He had several shows in “Windy City”.
(Christopher Borrelli/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service)

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Styles, 28, stayed on stage before moving his legs and telling the audience, “Okay, get rid of him.”

The heart’s core jumped up and down, seemingly trying to get rid of any pain.

It was on the patterns before He rescheduled one of his shows in Chicago After his crew fell ill with a mass illness.

Musician, actor and boyfriend Olivia Wilde Now he has nearly a week layover before starting his fifteen-date tour in Englewood, California, before heading to South America and Europe.


Wilde and Styles stars in Wilde’s second film, Don’t Worry, Baby.