February 2, 2023


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Handmade Noodles and “Health Food” in Sogo – Blakefield

After various activities, including a Administration in one franchise-Lie down as a trained chef A step towards independence Nearby areas. He was able to gain experience in organizational processes and had already taken on a lot of responsibility in previous jobs. “Why is no one? Own little shop Open? ” Yalcin themselves. “I can make myself happy here and do what I do without anyone telling me what to do.” Parents, sister or partner From Yalcin in the store. already before The opening of the restaurant The whole family was on his side with advice and action.

Healthy, chalky and feeling good

Fatih Yalçın in his open kitchen

Perhaps those are just a few of them The qualitiesvisitors come to mind when they do soju to enter. in small Restaurant on the corner of Marine Street There is so much to discover: they are amazing Comfortable and modern interior as well as A lovingly designed chalkboard, which is regularly rewritten and drawn. to Healthy dishes and wrappers to me Refreshing sugar free iced tea And the Handmade pasta. When developing the concept, it was especially important to Yalcin community spirit valid contract. So it’s a big part of the list Vegan and vegetarian, seasonal dishes Complete the offer. that Meat He buys from Wuppertal Laame, because they are also important to him, if possible regional To the store however, pasta dishes are undoubtedly the focus of the menu: “Everyone loves pasta,” he says. These are freshly made according to our own recipe; Special dishes are prepared as follows “cooking show” behind the counter.

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A product that moves with the times

with thoughtful The concept of “healthy food” Sogo has managed to quickly establish itself in Wuppertal’s culinary culture. “A lot of people know us,” says Yalcin. “I think if you have a good product behind it, you don’t have to do that often advertisement to make. The best advertisement is word of mouth. “Since 2022, dishes are also available Order home. The fact that he had only come now was due to Pasta recipe. Yalcin continued to develop and adapt it so that the pasta stays fresh in the thermal package for as long as possible and does not reach the customer soft. about the Delivery business Yalcin receives more and more first-hand reviews and ratings for his dishes. “I read every review out loud in the store, no matter what the number. You’re reading it and thinking: I’m doing something right,” he says proudly, laughing.

SUGO on the Mount of Olives in Wuppertal

“I am very attached to the Mount of Olives”

that store on Olive mountain Not by chance. Yalcin grew up here with his sister. Most of his family and friends still live there today. With the restaurant giving a piece to the Mount of Olives cultural diversity Again, something that was very well received: “A lot of people know us and we’re getting along really well here. Here’s one alternative scene. “I am very attached to the Mount of Olives,” says the owner. This also includes regular attendance Local eventssuch as “The Mountain Reads”, so what about all Northern city Distributed, or “Stroll Instead of Crash”, Olberger Wintertrieve. Due to the pandemic, unfortunately, many planned events, such as reading, have been cancelled. Once the situation stabilizes, Sugo will become the site of the event again: “We always participate in something like this,” says Yalcin. »Son«