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Hamburg: the best rated scene causes ridicule on the net

Hamburg: the best rated scene causes ridicule on the net

“the net” Hamburg’s top attractions provide ‘endless fun’ – and plenty of online sarcasm

Only five star ratings for windows that put in a noise barrier?

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One user on Google wrote about a Hamburg attraction that was rated only five stars: “There are things you must see – ‘windows’ is definitely one of them!” But what is behind it?

“I saw the Luxor in Las Vegas. I visited the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. However, this dwarfs everything that was there. I am endlessly elated,” one user wrote on Google. . Another user agrees: “A feat of engineering that can only be compared with the pyramids. Convinced that it costs a lot of sweat and tears. Without a doubt, the best view of Hamburg,” per Google review. But what imposing and awe-inspiring building in Hamburg does that mean? biphilarmony? Michael? Or Landungsbrücken?

Not even close. It’s about “The Windows” – an attraction in the Groß Borstel area, which should mean nothing to most tourists and also a hamburger. Which is not likely to be a “real” scene.

Hamburg: Soundproofing installation sparks excitement

Behind the “architectural masterpiece” is a simple noise protection wall “built during the construction of the Tarpenbecker-Over residential area”. A spokesperson for the Hamburg-Nord district office explained this to Hamburger Abendblatt. According to him, construction is also “not art in the narrow sense.” “The Hamburg Nord District Office is not aware of the term ‘window’.”

The 800-meter noise barrier consists of stones enclosed in a mesh cage. According to the district office, the three embedded in the wall would represent a display “instead of being able to look out onto the noise-shielding wall through cleverly placed windows onto the goods-warping tracks and beyond to the Nedderfeld industrial district.”

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“Absolute travel recommendation”

It is somewhat doubtful that the five star reviews are serious reviews. Instead, Visitors: Inside the Window seems to allow themselves a joke in the usual sarcastic internet fashion – as in this review: “As an art patron, I traveled all the way from New York for this. And what can I say… I was overwhelmed by the contemporary architectural language Combine with the artistic view through the window to create an overall impression that not only gives those interested in art goosebumps.
My assistant assured me that even lay people can feel the energy in the installation as a metaphorical journey back to one’s origins. An absolute travel recommendation.”

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