December 6, 2021


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Hackers Infiltrate PlayStation 5 (PS5 Root Key Released)

Hackers Infiltrate PlayStation 5 (PS5 Root Key Released)

Hackers have access to the PlayStation 5

Console hackers have already infiltrated the PlayStation 5 system and can use root keys to encrypt firmware updates.

The hacker compound “FailOverflow” is one Hack first on PlayStation 4 system Known. It took the reverse engineering team about 2 years to show off their first big hits with the previous console. With the PlayStation 5, success will be a little faster. A few days before the PS5’s first birthday, the team released the unencrypted binary code of the bootloader (Secure Loader Firmware Update v4.03). With this, the joint has already penetrated into the system structure. However, full access (jailbreak) still has a long way to go before you can launch your own software or piracy games with the PlayStation 5.

Hackers find PS5 root keys

The hacking team confirmed access to all symmetrical root keys via Twitter. This key can be used to encrypt and encrypt data. This is very interesting because FailOverflow can now actually evaluate protected firmware updates. For example, you can get information about current and future PS5 features or get tips on how to progress “at the heart of the PS5”. Hackers may have found the key (unique to each console) in a specific area of ​​memory.

Incidentally, this is not an isolated case. “Engineer” Andy Nguyen posted an image of the PS5Share process on Twitter, showing the PS5 console’s enabled debug menu. It is actually reserved for PS5 development kits, but reads about implementing the same exploit.

A PS5 jailbreak still takes time

It takes a while to reach a full PS5 kernel Exploit (KEX). Although the hacker community has already scratched their feet, FailOverflow or Ngyuen (Theflow0) have not released details on how they can infiltrate the PlayStation 5 system. Those involved can wait until Sony closes the security gap, which will provide hackers with “exclusive” access to the PS5 software. For Sony Interactive Entertainment, complete encryption of the computer during the early stages of the console cycle can be a disaster.