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“Grill den Henssler” 2023: “I’m getting on my nerves!”  Viewers are calling for a change in moderation

“Grill den Henssler” 2023: “I’m getting on my nerves!” Viewers are calling for a change in moderation

Professional chef Steffen Henssler has been negotiating notable guests on Vox’s kitchen since 2013. But criticism of the show has been mounting online for some time. Main criticism: moderator Laura Wontorra.

“Grill den Henssler” divides the audience. Image: Image Alliance/dpa | Henning Kaiser

“Grill den Henssler” was first broadcast on German television in 2013. In each issue, professional chef Steffen Henssler engages in a cooking duel with various celebrities. In the end, the jury decides who cooked the best. Laura Wontorra has run the show since 2020.

“Grill den Henssler” fails! Viewers talk about the cooking show with Stephen Hensler

Although “Grill den Henssler” regularly gets rave reviews, there is criticism on the Internet. The cooking show director in particular is dividing viewers. In google reviews, “Grill den Henssler” works miserably. The program has 166 reviews there so far and only has a rating of 2.7 out of 5 possible points (as of May 16, 2023).

“It bothers me!” Presenter Laura Antura disturbs viewers of Grill den Henssler

“I’m a huge fan of this show, it’s great how Stephen improvises and conjures up amazing dishes,” says 5 star rating. “Well, I love watching the show, but Wontorra gets on my nerves. First, she talks to celebrities all the time and second, she always gives tips to Steven,” another viewer attacked moderator Laura Wontorra. “I really enjoyed watching the show. In the meantime, there is only superficial conversation. Things didn’t get better with Laura Wontorra,” read another review. “I think the show has been great from season one to today.
Another viewer says: “But Aluntura is annoying.”

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“He’s a bad loser!” Viewers smell cheating on ‘Grill den Henssler’

But professional chef Steffen Henssler also feels fat in Google reviews. “It’s not nice to see how Mr. Hansler’s time is fetched from the opponent by targeted conversations by the moderator or points are awarded at random in a way that eventually suits Stephen,” a viewer complains and awards only one star. “Actually, I would really love to watch the show, but Hensler is getting on my nerves now, he’s a bad loser,” read another review.

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