November 26, 2022


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Grenfell 1989 - Material - Photograph by Cosmos

Greenville 1989 review

Grenfell 1989 is a cooperative communication game by author Florian Fay. Cosmos published the title in German, and the original was published by Sorry We Are French. Greenville 1989 is for 3-6 players and is recommended for ages 16+. However, the age recommendation is based on Horro as a theme, and the process is also understandable for younger players aged 12 and over. The board game is currently available from about. 15.00 EUR Available.

What is the theme of Grenfell 1989?

The events take place in Greenville in the year 1989. Six teenagers are on their way to meet an evening of bowling. But on the way her whole world suddenly changes, because all the people have disappeared without a trace. Suddenly I was alone. But the six teens were still connected in their thoughts. They must work together to find a way home. He begins to prepare a horror that those involved will have to admire.


In Greenville 1989, each player takes on the role of a young man. One player plays the master of the game in one round. Then the game master changes after each round, so that each person gets this job once. After each round, the main game tile is passed to the player on the left.

At the beginning of the game, each player receives one of the 84 cards that represent the starting point for the character. Now everyone in turn describes what appears on their card and tries to tell their story. Then the game master chooses a new card based on the stories of other players to continue the story. He puts them public and supplies them with task tiles. Now other players look at the new pictures and together decide which one best matches the story. Then the players place their test symbols on this card. If the player is correct, he can continue his story in the next round. However, if I’m wrong, you have to move your pawn on the board one space to nowhere. The game ends with victory when all players have won at least four cards and tell their story to the end. Or there is a bitter defeat if the player moves his piece to the last empty space.

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Was Greenville Worth It In 1989?

Greenville 1989 is very well illustrated if you like dark games. The game material is of good quality. The instructions are quick to read and easy to understand, many of which are illustrated with pictures or examples. The 80’s look is very well executed and matches the content.

Greenville 1989 can only be played with people who have the necessary imagination and narrative skills. Because it is about horror stories that happen on Earth. This requires reference to the subject and a certain amount of fun with debauchery. Unfortunately, this important approach in our games often failed because it was not always possible to get enough players with these preferences. Once the player isn’t good at telling the story, the process starts to falter. Especially when this player has the position of master of the game in the round. What also often led to the problem of our game rounds: if a team member won their 4th card and the other teammates couldn’t, that player had to carry on with their story even though they had already hit their goal. This has unnecessarily dragged and spoiled many stories.

Greenville 1989 - Box - Photograph by Cosmos

I didn’t like Grenfell in 1989 for the above reasons, it was too dark for me and it was hard for my tours to start with the stories. However, this was also our first storytelling game and probably our last…