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Gravastar Sirius Pro Review – The Wireless Gaming Headset From The Future

Gravastar is no stranger to audio manufacturers, so they have already launched Bluetooth speakers with futuristic designs. Now they have expanded their portfolio towards mobile gaming with Sirius Pro Wireless Earbuds. What the headphones have to offer, which was previously available in a file Indiegogo حملة campaign It reached almost 400,000 euros in funding, you can find out in our test.

Regarding the audio picture test, I tested the following movies, games, and music tracks so that I could come to a similar result. For completeness, I’ve included it here for you:

spotify/ Headphone review playlist on Spotify

PC / Netflix / Ready Player One

Realme GT (Android) / PUBG: Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile

Audio was recorded from the microphone in Audacity in the same conditions and in the same text as in our previous tests. In addition to the above test scenarios, the headset has also been used in everyday life over a longer period of time.

The Sirius PRO earbuds were provided to us for testing, but this does not affect this test.

technical features
bear the alternative In-ear, noise canceling
Signal transmission Bluetooth 5.2, about 10m range
nominal impedance There is no information
Frequency response There is no information
Driver 7.2 mm dynamic
charging socket USB-C . port
Battery life About 4 hours, 3 charges, in total about 16 hours
Length of the wire 1.4 pm
Supported Operating Systems PC, Android, iPhone
Weight (one earphone) 6 grams
RRP 139.99 €

Lighter, gadget or headphones?

As the Gravastar Sirius Pro trailer suggests, the manufacturer relied heavily on a futuristic design. How much my future really is, I often had to try it in everyday life. If the case of the earbuds was seen by someone who did not originally know what I was holding in my hand, it was speculated. A storm lighter, a power bank, or an abstract gadget are just a few of the estimates of what purpose this item can serve. This condition was immediately recognized by very few Bluetooth earbuds. Whether this is intended by Garavastar is anyone’s guess. What is certain, however, is that the design and workmanship give hope to great sound cinema. The charging case is made of a stable zinc alloy, which gives it a decent weight as well. Sure enough, he should be able to handle one fall or the other without suffering any major damage. Gravastar also wants to point out that it’s stable with the built-in bottle opener. It remains to be seen if this feature is really necessary, but it’s a great gimmick, which also fits the odd design. The earbuds themselves, which are made of plastic, are securely attached to the case. As another plus, a metal knot is included in the scope of delivery as well as various ear tips and a charging cable. The case can be attached to the latter and kept around the neck if you do not have a trouser pocket available. The attractive design is complemented by a plastic case in which you can safely store your earphones and accessories. A kind of reusable packaging that also makes sense.Gravastar Sirius Pro

All future music

When it comes to mounting comfort, the Sirius Pro goes the way it’s known, a simple on-ear button with replaceable rubber tips. Once you find the right size, the earbuds sit perfectly in the ear canal and do a good job of blocking out the surroundings. But for whom is the Gravastar Sirius Pro best suited? Is he a player, a movie lover, or a music lover? An obvious answer, everyone will get their money back, because Sirius Pro has different equalizer modes, which can be activated without any additional software. Music mode is always active by default, but there are also movie and game modes. The audio profile changes significantly here, which is a feature I’ve missed dearly on many Bluetooth earbuds thus far. Of course I tried all three modes, what can I say, they all totally amazed me. Whether it’s the highs, the lows, or the mids, it all seems quite mixed up. The lows stand out a bit with strong bass, but not so much that it’s intrusive. I only noticed one small flaw, the earbuds tend to overclock at full volume. Here, however, one must also say in defense that Sirius Pro can be tuned very loudly, almost damaging the ear, so this problem cannot be noticed in normal operation. With the equalizer software and 7.2mm dynamic drivers, the Gravastar hit the head when it came to sound balancing. The low response time of 65ms should be particularly interesting to gamers, in my tests with PUBG Mobile, no lag was noticed.

Everything is under control

In addition to the futuristic design and excellent sound profile, Gravastar has also equipped the earbuds with touch controls. Both headphones can be operated easily. One more song, increase or decrease the volume or change the sound mode. All at the touch of a finger on the tactile surface. We just have to mention here that the surface is very sensitive, which can sometimes lead to unwanted actions, but once you get used to it, this is no longer a problem. In terms of battery life, Sirius Pro can only keep up with the competition to a limited extent, and the earbuds last about 4 hours before being recharged. With a fully charged case, you can manage approximately 16 hours with three additional charges. There were significantly more powerful headphones here, but you have to give Sirius Pro credit for the powerful bass and the different sound modes, which take a lot of power. A microphone for in-game communication or calls on a mobile phone is also on board, unfortunately the quality is a bit discreet, tends to overclock and the sound seems sparse. You can listen to a matching audio file to convince yourself of the quality.

Gravastar Sirius Pro is available at Amazon or Gravastar even in.

Gravastar Sirius Pro Review – The Wireless Gaming Headset From The Future

Our conclusion

Gravastar Sirius Pro is a completely all-in-one ear bud. Especially on the go, for use with a cell phone is an absolute enrichment. There are some small weaknesses, but no one is perfect.

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Selectable sound modes

Balanced Audio Profile

a little latency

special design


The microphone is not masked

Battery life could be longer

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