May 21, 2022


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Google Epic Games Android comprar Fortnite

Google tried to buy epic games at the Fortnight release on Android

Epic Games understands that its purpose is to openly fight against Apple and Google. The reasons for focusing on Android and iOS stores and the way programmers are run have long been known.

As the legal battle against Apple takes on new positions, it is time to turn against Google. As the process takes shape, new relevant and important information is now emerging. The latest information is that Google may have tried to buy Epic Games.

Fortnight's arrival on Android marked a very difficult moment for Google. A company the size of Epic Games decided not to use the Play Store and to force manual installation. It ended up coming, but after a long time coming from other stores.

What is known now is that Google may have viewed this situation unfavorably and sought to take action. No A document has now been revealed Shows that the research firm may have tried to buy a portion or all of the epic games in order to control the company's shares.

Tim Sweeney, CEO of the epic game, Came to the public Explain this situation based on the documents related to the process. The creator of Fortnite may have received informal plans from Google to change the company's hands.

He is also known to have contacted several manufacturers to prevent him from being close to epic games. To prevent the spread of this movement and restrict the use of stores other than the official Android.

Google Epic Games Android Compare Fortnight

With monopoly investigations going on, Google has another problem on its hands here. Epic Games should follow the same path as addressed in the case against Apple, trying to show that the rules imposed on stores are harmful to programmers.

Epic Games has access to important documents showing the ambiguous status and practices of these companies. The truth is, it is yet to be decided and the court will decide where the cause is.

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