September 28, 2022


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Google Stadia will not turn off

From Claus Ludwig
For a long time, nothing was heard from Google Stadia. However, the cloud gaming service is far from being discontinued, Google confirms.

Google Stadia cloud gaming service was launched in November 2019 with big ambitions. Originally, Google wanted to reach billions of people with Stadia, but they’re far from it. At the beginning of February 2021, Google announced that there would be no more new exclusive titles for its streaming service, Google Stadia. Instead, the focus is on the core technology of cloud computing and you intend to develop it further. As a result, it’s quiet about Google Stadia. Now Mountain View does not agree that Stadia will soon become history. Google Stadia will not turn offThe company said on Twitter.

Play Far Cry 6 for free for 120 minutes

Along with game developers, new games will soon be available for purchase in the Google Store, which can then be streamed via Stadia. For example, FIFA 23 will be available via Google Stadia from September 30th. There are now beta versions since March 2022, so you can use it even without a user account Streaming time-limited video games in google chrome Could you. If you like, you can play Far Cry 6 in a web browser for 120 minutes, for example. Games must be purchased for unlimited use, with customers only obtaining a license to use them.

However, it is still the case with Google Stadia, you first have to buy all the games in the Stadia Store before you can stream titles to Android, iOS, PC, Mac and Chromecast via an internet connection. However, paid Stadia Pro subscribers get free games every month.

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Google Stadia: Crazy launch announcement in video

Google Stadia group:

  • It’s been a while since Google Stadia was heard, so the question arose what would happen next with the cloud gaming provider.
  • On Twitter, Google makes it clear that Stadia will not be shutting down. Instead, new games will soon appear for purchase in the Google Store.
  • For example, FIFA 23 comes to Google Stadia on September 30th.
  • If you wish, you can simply try the time-limited games on the Stadia website for free.

source: Twitter