August 15, 2022


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Google Stadia: Rumor: Is a cloud gaming service about to launch?

It’s no secret that Stadia hasn’t been as successful as Google had hoped. Now rumors are emerging that the end of the cloud gaming service is very near.

Needless to say, Google Stadia fell far short of the internet giant’s expectations. The concept of having to buy games for Stadia, rather than just setting up a cloud gaming service in relation to Steam, Epic Games Store and other stores as with GeForce NOW, didn’t really work out well. It has been rumored for a long time that Google will eventually downgrade the service or even shut it down completely.

The Twitter account Killed by Google, which has been monitoring shutdown or shutdown Google services for some time, has exposed rumors that the shutdown of Google Stadia may come sooner than expected.

Accordingly, Stadia could be postponed by the end of the summer. No license transfer is planned, i.e. all purchases made from Stadia will be null and void. Rumor has it that Google could do something similar to what it did with Play Music. In other words, after about 30-60 days’ notice before closing, the end will be there.

However, Killed by Google states that these rumors are unconfirmed and cannot be verified at this time. However, there have been reports before, including from Business Insider, that Google Stadia could be switched to a new service called Google Stream, which will only work in a company-oriented way β€” games will likely fall under the table or at least just continue to work to limited limit.

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So it remains exciting to see what the future of Google Stadia looks like.

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