September 16, 2021


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Google Maps portagens autoestrada valor

Google Maps gets unique functionality for those on the highway

News provided by Google Maps makes this service more effective and seeks to focus more on drivers. It does not deny its appearance, but is very useful in other areas and other functions.

The latest rumor points to Google Maps as a big and important news. The map service of the research institutes will finally show the prices of the customs.

This is still a far cry from reality, but Google Maps should soon get a functionality that many consider essential. We are talking about the ability to access fees that define real-time and routes. In addition to individual values, these will be provided in aggregated terms.

This information recently came from a beta program participant. From what this user has revealed, Google has shared the message that the next big thing to a map service will be the presentation of toll values.

He also revealed that he will be sent to fill out a form to help set priorities for programmers. There, it was clear that there was information about toll values, which was one of the options for choosing a route.

Naturally, this function is still far from being implemented. It is not available for the Google Maps beta program and is not accessible for internal testing. However, it should be a reality soon to help users more.

Value of Google Maps Dolls

It's interesting to see how Google brings to the map another feature that needs to work on (its) Waze. For some years now, we have been able to calculate tolls so that we know the approximate value for traffic on the motorway.

This is another testament to the commitment that Google has to its map. Despite Waze's popularity, this mapping service continues to be offered to users. This innovation, when available, will certainly be useful and widely used.

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