March 3, 2024


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Google launches Gemini and Gemini Advanced artificial intelligence technology

Google launches Gemini and Gemini Advanced artificial intelligence technology

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Starting today, Google is competing with OpenAI. Where Bard was an emergency solution, Gemini is now ready to usher in a new era of artificial intelligence. The company uses benchmarks to try to prove Gemini's superiority over GPT-4. In addition, two new offerings were introduced: Gemini Advanced and a mobile app, aimed at making it easier to integrate Google AI into everyday use.

BThe Earth has had its day. If you go to today, you will be immediately taken to the new site twin It's been noted that – which – looks like a Bard, but is supposed to offer a much more powerful engine in the background. With the new 'Pro 1.0' engine, Gemini is said to be able to speak more than 40 languages ​​- including German. In a small preliminary test, Gemini does appear to be superior to Bard, but at first glance it appears to be slightly weaker than GPT-4.

Google has made it clear from the beginning that there is no privacy in Gemini (and Gemini Advanced). Gemini Advanced also uses your Google search history.ITFM

Advanced Gemini

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In addition to Gemini, Google also offers a Gemini Advanced version and a mobile app. Gemini Advanced is more powerful and especially better at highly complex tasks such as programming, logical thinking, following precise instructions, and collaborating on creative projects. Gemini Advanced provides access to “Ultra 1.0,” the most powerful AI model in the Gemini family. To use Gemini Advanced in Germany, a subscription to Google One AI Premium is currently required, which provides advanced AI features, 2TB of storage, and other Google One Premium benefits. A Google One AI Premium subscription costs around €22 per month (the first two months are free). According to Google, Gemini Advanced is currently only supposed to be able to speak English — but “Ultra 1.0” looks a little different:


However, the German version is a bit bumpy at times.

Gemini for smartphones

Meanwhile, the Gemini smartphone app – an app on Android and in the Google app on iOS – is being launched, but only in English in the USA. Other countries and languages ​​are expected to follow in the coming weeks. Google doesn't provide a timeline.

Additionally, Gemini should be integrated into GMail and Google DOCs. Here too, Google has not yet provided a timeline.

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