November 26, 2022


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google drive et google photos

Google Drive supports photos and multiple accounts

It was announced earlier this year that a number of new features would be added to the desktop version of Google Drive.

The information is not surprising. Earlier this year, Google announced its simplification option Online services, Especially by changing Google Drive File Stream for Workplace – Until then reserved for users of companies and workspace Google Drive for desktop. In short, this new feature will allow Internet users to enjoy the contents of their Google Drive directly from a folder on their computer, without having to go through the web application properly, or download documents before converting them.

Drive for integrated solution desktop

9to5 According to Google, the Google service is already in use Google Drive for desktop. Mountain View should gradually formalize its transmission tool, which now includes Sync from Google Photos (optional). Enough to make the management of our digital life easier, and at the same time secure its place as a leader for the web company Amazon The file streaming tries to position itself in the main place.

Multiple account management, finally

Another innovation expected by Google Drive users is possible Sync four different accounts from the same computer. There will now be no choice between the main account or the professional account, everything can be archived in one place. For now, this is the new version Google Drive for desktop The number is also called, but the service is expected to be fully operational by the end of this year, Google said in a statement.