June 23, 2024


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Google begins phasing out 'Manifest V2' extension specifications – Livedoor News

Google begins phasing out 'Manifest V2' extension specifications – Livedoor News

Google begins phasing out 'Manifest V2' extension specification

Google announced that it has begun phasing out the “Manifest V2” extension specification as planned for a long time.

Chromium Blog: Manifest V2 phase-out begins


Google is preparing to phase out the Chrome Manifest V2 extension • History


Chrome extensions product manager David Lee announced that he has begun phasing out Manifest V2 in preparation for the transition to Manifest V3, according to a timeline he shared in November 2023.

“Manifesto” is a specification for Google Chrome extensions, and Google announced “Manifesto V3” in December 2020.

Google officially announces new ad blocking method in Chrome “Manifest V3'' with new information such as extensions and PWA improvements

However, there was some opposition to Statement V3 because it turned on ad blockers and extensions that prevent tracking.

Electronic Frontier Foundation criticizes new Chrome extension 'Manifest V3' specification as highly harmful – GIGAZINE

“We've been vetting Manifest V3 for years to listen to developer feedback and support the innovation happening across the community,” Lee said.

Already, more than 85% of extensions that are actively updated on the Chrome Web Store are compatible with Manifest V3.

Chrome, which will be distributed to the Beta, Dev, and Canary channels starting June 3, 2024, will not support installed extensions for users who have installed the Manifest V2 extension, and you will be notified.

Also, in the coming months, Manifest V2 extensions will be disabled. For now, the toggle will remain to enable it again after you disable it, but the toggle will eventually disappear and become unusable.

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