May 21, 2022


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Google bans "sugar dating" apps from the Play Store

Google bans “sugar dating” apps from the Play Store

Google is updating its rules regarding the Play Store, and these are the apps Sugar dating Payers from September 1st. Improving fee relations will be prohibited there.

Google has decided to introduce new rules regarding the sexuality of apps in its Play Store. Dating apps that provide fee exchanges between users are specifically targeted. These measures will come into effect from 1stThere is September 2021.

“We are updating an inappropriate content policy to define new restrictions on sexual content, including banning content that promotes expensive relationships (such as sugar dating).”, Can we read? Dedicated support For developers.

There are dozens like Elite, SDM or Spoil, as well as derived from multiple terms Sugar Dad, Which explicitly considers the rich to want to spend. These apps often appear as classic dating apps (Tinder, Bumble, Hopn…), but do not hide their uniqueness: to communicate with people with the promise of financial compensation.

These apps are not involved in the transaction process, but will still have to join the ranks by avoiding promoting this uniqueness, subject to the app store’s advance penalty.

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