September 24, 2021


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Golfer Training Equipment - These Products Really Get You First

Golfer Training Equipment – These Products Really Get You First

Many golf equipment and services promise improvements in technology, health and many other factors and ultimately an improvement in disability. But not every type of training – and therefore not every product – brings you more. Here we have summarized the training methods and which articles are relevant and useful for any type of golfer.

Golf books – it all starts in the head

Authors such as Frank Adamovich and Fabian Bunker attempt with their literature to improve style and mental attitude towards supposedly perfect technique and thus lay the foundation for a more successful golf match. A detailed review of Golf 4.0 can be found here in a blog post by Frank Beller.
Both authors provide Golf Post Premium members with additional exclusive content here.

Never cut again

Softballs – Fun for your four walls

Softballs are probably the softest training equipment a golfer can use. They also offer the fair-weather golfer the opportunity to practice indoors in wind and weather for little money.

Callaway Softbälle HEX Practice 9er-Pack

Callaway golf balls

Callaway Softballs HEX Practice 9-pack Exercise Balls Callaway HEX Practice Balls are the perfect training balls for your training at home.

Training Grips – The way to the perfect grip

With training handles, a neutral grip position can be trained over and over again. The handles are usually mounted on a medium iron (7 or 8).
Warning: In most tournaments, training moves are prohibited.

Training nets – training equipment for each type of bullet

Training nets are available for short chopping strokes as well as for transfer and alignment.


It’s perfect for improving accuracy in short games – all without green chipping.

Mikado cutting practice net

Great exercise nets

They can be used primarily for training transports and tees.

Silverline practice network

Von Silverline Training Seats

Silverline Workout Net With the Silverline Workout Net, you can practice your long game from the comfort of your own home.

Putting training equipment – training on the most important meters (centi-)

When playing, many golfers give up most of the strokes. But what equipment can you thoroughly train here?

Gate mode

It is suitable for precision training at different lengths.

Puttout Premium Pro mode portals

Puttout Training Tools

PuttOut Premium Pro Putting Gates True to its motto “Put more, put less”, PuttOut has developed the next training tool, Pro Putting Gates, to make your training more challenging and challenging.


Available in different shapes and models, many green characteristics and positions can be trained using throw mats.

Potting Combo

Puttout Training Tools

Did you know that 40% of all strokes are done with a racket?

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Speedsticks – On the way to more speed

With golf speed sticks, you can warm up before a round of golf and perfect your swing. Equipped with different weights at the end of the stick, different clubs are simulated.

Herin Super Speed ​​Sticks Set

SuperSpeed ​​Golf Training Tools

SuperSpeed ​​Golf Speed ​​Sticks Set for Men The SuperSpeed ​​Golf Speed ​​Sticks are the ideal training regimen for increasing your putter’s head speed and thus driving length.