November 27, 2022


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Gigabyte with “Instant 6 GHz” for Z790 motherboards

From Maximilian Hohm
Gigabyte introduced 6GHz instantaneous technology, which accelerates the already fast Core i9-13900K. The turbo clock of the top two cores increases from 5.8 to 6 GHz, and the performance of one core is said to increase by three percent. So, read below how the technology works and what is required to take advantage of it.

Compared to Alder Lake, Intel’s 13th generation core processors not only have more efficient cores, but also have higher clock rates, so a standard CPU like the Core i9-13900K can actually boost it up to 5.8GHz. Perhaps as an incentive to buy new Z790 motherboards, Gigabyte was the first major manufacturer to react and now introduces Instant 6 GHz technology, a feature intended to save users from annoying manual overclocking and automatic overclocking of the two best processor cores to this watch.

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GIGABYTE uses several factors to ensure that this process is stable and that reliability is not affected. The initiative should always come from the user who needs to update the new Z790 motherboard with the latest UEFI version. The technology must then be activated manually in order to be able to boost the CPU. For this purpose, VCore line load calibration and CPU voltage are increased within a safe range.

Intel Core i9-13900K with 6GHz Instant Technology

source: Gigabyte via Videocardz

Although the feature does not seem uninteresting from a technical point of view, the benefit in practice seems very small. Gigabyte talks about a single-core performance gain of about three percent. Da der Core i9-13900K aber bis zum Release eines Core i9-13900KS oder Ryzen mit X3D-Technik die schnellste Endverbraucher-CPU der Welt ist, können sich Enthusiasten abermals uber einen kleinen des schnellste Fünbauen Performance-Schuben Could you.

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In addition to a very powerful cooling solution, which was already required in the previous work of the Core i9, only a Z790 motherboard is required. It is not yet clear if Gigabyte will also provide the technology for the B760 or even the older Z690 in the future. The manufacturer recommends using internal Q-Flash or Q-Flash Plus for a simple UEFI update. New UEFI versions should work Gigabyte site It can already be obtained, but not yet listed.

source: Gigabyte via Videocardz