November 29, 2022


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Giant NASA rocket battles hurricane storms ahead of Artemis 1 launch |  Forbes Japan (Forbes Japan)

Giant NASA rocket battles hurricane storms ahead of Artemis 1 launch | Forbes Japan (Forbes Japan)

Hurricane Nicole hit NASA’s much-anticipated Space Launch System (SLS) on November 10. This tropical storm lands on the coast of Florida.

A giant next-generation rocket was hit by a Category 1 storm that hit much of Florida, including Cape Canaveral. Meteorologists said the multi-billion dollar rocket and its Orion spacecraft were hit by winds as strong as they were designed.Ars TechnicaSpace reporter Eric Berger.

The SLS was designed to withstand winds of up to 74.4 knots (about 138 km/h), but at least one gust of 87 knots (about 161 km/h) was observed near the launch pad.

Earlier this week, the planned launch of the lunar orbital mission of the Artemis 1 spacecraft was postponed to November 16. Further delays are likely after the NASA crew returns to the Kennedy Space Center to inspect the rocket.

The SLS was supposed to launch in September 2022, but has been repeatedly delayed due to engine problems, fuel leaks and other issues. The entire rocket was returned from the launch pad to the giant spacecraft assembly building at the Kennedy Space Center for repairs and to avoid the effects of Hurricane Ian.

The missiles, by design, have a limited number of flights between the assembly building and the launch pad, which may have contributed to the decision to stay in the rain from Hurricane Nicole.

NASA has not provided any new information regarding the SLS or Artemis 1 mission schedule after Hurricane Nicole.


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