November 30, 2021


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Ghostbusters: Legacy: The Buffed Movie Review

Ghostbusters: Legacy: The Buffed Movie Review

If you want to search for all the fun keywords from the first Ghostbusters movie, Then we recommend this text to you! Oh my God is this Ecto-1? Is this a ghost trap? Wow, there are little marshmallow men burning! Ghostbusters are back! And even if their names are no longer Peter, Egon, Ray, and Winston, the rest feel like they used to. This is not as bad as it may seem now.

The direct sequel to Ghostbusters

But first things first: Ghostbusters: Legacy (Buy now €22.99) It begins more than 30 years after the original Ghostbusters movie. The four ghost hunters who saved New York in the 80s can only be seen in mysterious YouTube videos and no one talks about ghosts anymore. Things that happen in the small town of Summerville seem even more mysterious.

Single parent Callie and her children Phoebe and Trevor know nothing about this yet. She ends up in Summerville because Callie’s strange father left an abandoned house for the family there. Without money or a job, Kali is trying to fix a landfill. Meanwhile, her children discover that their grandfather has more to do with the mysteries of Summerville – and the ghost hunters – than they first thought.

Ghostbusters: Legacy: New Ghostbusters Movie Trailer

Stranger Things Meet Ghostbusters

Even if the first few minutes focus primarily on Carrie Coon as Callie, it’s clear that the main characters in Ghostbusters: Legacy are their daughter Phoebe (Mckenna Grace), their son Trevor (Finn Wolfhard) and their new school friend Podcast. This gives the movie a distinctly weird

Ghostbusters: Legacy – Young main characters remind you of strange things in some places.

Coil: Sony Pictures

Vibe things. Even if the movie was shot in 2010, it manages to create an unrealistic and nostalgic mood that is incredibly sweet, especially with filmmakers and musicians.

What’s even more surprising is that Ghostbuster: Legacy doesn’t suffer from a rush of nostalgia, which is also due to the main young cast. They manage to give even the most pessimistic of movie-goers a touch of childhood charm, of which there was apparently many, many more in the past.

In other words: a group of adults in a midlife crisis may not be able to do ghost hunting after all these years. A group of kids and teens, on the other hand, is more than that! This is also due to Mckenna Grace, who on the one hand gives her character Phoebe a very dry sense of humor, and on the other hand also a great curiosity, which of course gets her into a lot of trouble. So it doesn’t matter if Ghostbusters: Legacy in places is nothing more than a huge nostalgia ride.

happy quotes

However, we’re talking about the good kind of nostalgia here. So the person who wants to get excited rather than just pull more money out of their pockets. Wherever you look, you will find quotes small and big that will awaken memories of old movies. The Marshmallow Man not only appears in a mini version, but also appears as an advertisement and some ghosts that can be seen in the movie are likely to be an older owner.

Ghostbusters: Legacy - Marshmallow Man

Ghostbusters Legacy – There are many references to older films, such as Marshmallow Man.

Coil: Sony Pictures

Ghostbusters games look very familiar. And of course, the first look at the vintage Ghostbusters suits and the familiar theme of the first movie causes a nice tingling sensation.

Director Jason Reitman goes further. After all, his father made the original Ghostbusters movies. Time and time again, hints flash through the joy Jason Reitman feels when he can do whatever he wants with his dad’s toys, so to speak. He approaches everything very carefully, after all, he does not want to break anything.

What about non-fans?

Ghostbusters movie fans will get their money’s worth with the latest Ghostbusters adventure. It gets trickier with those who don’t have good memories of previous movies at all: Ghostbusters should be exciting to them, but whether the movie is charming is a very good question.

Ghostbusters: Legacy - Chad Gruberson

Ghostbusters: Legacy – Chad Gruberson (not only) explains to kids what a ghost trap is.

Coil: Sony Pictures

Paul Rudd’s character, Chadd Grooberson, plays a major role in making the film appealing to non-fans. He is an outspoken fan of Ghostbusters and explains to the main characters as well as to the audience how ghost traps work and what ghost hunters have actually done. He is the kind of good friend who has seen all the movies and is now explaining the topic of the new movie. Apart from that: if a person like this is already in your circle of friends, it is best to take him to the cinema with you. This will definitely make the trip more enjoyable.

Ghostbusters: Legacy Become a nostalgic ride with your heart in the right place. It’s a must for fans, everyone who has become familiar with the movie series through various quotes in Stranger Things should probably watch the original or at least sit next to it at the cinema knows it. Then nothing stands in the way of a beautiful evening at the cinema.

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